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City of Mesquite Opens New I-15 Interchange

story by City of Mesquite

The new interchange at Exit 118 offers new economic development opportunities and traffic relief.

photo by Kris Zurbas

On Thursday, July 21, Mayor Litman joined with community members, business leaders, and local and regional elected officials in officially opening Exit 118. The new interchange is unlike any others along I-15—instead of a traditional bridge, the overpass has two archways that interstate travelers drive through. The archway design is the first of its kind to be used on Interstate 15.


In just over seven months, Meadow Valley Contractors completed the new interchange on I-15 with a total price tag of $20 million, with actual construction costing $14.7 million. The fund for the project came from Fuel Revenue Indexing. Fuel revenue is generated each time motorists fill their vehicles with gas. A portion of what they pay at the pump helps fund transportation projects throughout Clark County. The Clark County Commission approved fuel revenue to be tied to the rate of inflation from January 2014 to December 2016. This funding measure helps keep up with material and labor costs, raise $700 million, fund 223 projects, and create 9,000 jobs. For motorists, this averages out to about a dime a day.


In addition to the unique engineering design, the artwork and landscaping for the project will also catch drivers’ eyes. On one side of the archways is artwork depicting the mesas that dot the horizon. On the other, the Virgin Mountains are portrayed. The Virgin River is also included in the artwork for the interchange. Metal depictions of flora and fauna are scattered throughout the project.


The new Exit 118 supports improved connectivity to the 800-acre master-planned Mesquite Technology and Commerce Center (MTCC)—the location of numerous technology, industrial, distribution, and manufacturing businesses. Current and future businesses will benefit from the direct access to Interstate 15, because pick-ups and drop-offs will be more efficient. The MTCC helps the Mesquite area economy by creating new jobs, diversifying the local economy, and keeping consumer dollars local.


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