Why I Love Mesquite Sept – 2016

Even though I haven’t won my jackpot—I still love Mesquite! Here are a few reasons why:
I like the early morning play of light shimmering on the pond amid the mountain surround, and it’s “sounds of solitude.”
I like the mother duck caring for her downy baby ducklings.
I like the baby quail in my backyard.
I like Pioneer Blvd. This street makes me feel like I’m living in a movie set of “perfect America.”
I like my book club girls who share their love of reading.
I like that citizens take pride in their homes and yards.  
I like the variety of places to eat.
I like the friendly neighbors who exercise by walking their dogs.
I like the “meet the neighbors” and Christmas parties.
I like being able to play on a good golf course without having to be a par player.
I like the small community atmosphere.
I love the brilliant sunsets we have to end our daylight hours.
LaDonna Why I Like Mesquite Photo (2)
And when I want to get a big city fix, I just go to Smith’s and mix it up in the parking lot traffic jam!  
Yes, I tell my friends from other places that if you want to live a serene lifestyle, choose Mesquite.


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