Why I Love Moapa Valley Sept – 2016

Moapa Valley 1As I crest that final hill coming into Moapa Valley from Interstate 15, I’m perpetually awed by the vista before me. The shimmering blue waters of the irrigation reservoir, green pastures, trees, and abundant plant and wildlife make a striking contrast against the red sandstone backdrop of the Mormon Mesa. The Muddy River, the cause of this unexpected lushness, meanders through the valley as it makes its way toward the end of the mesa, searching out its partner, the Virgin River, both spilling into Lake Mead on their journey beyond the valley. I have
heard travelers and residents alike share similar emotions as they glimpse this same scene, all saying they hear the valleys call “you’re home.” Many visitors have become residents after experiencing this warm welcome.

2204Moapa Valley captured my heart 14 years ago when our family made the decision to move here. Scenic views, Lake Mead National Recreation Area,
the Lost City Museum, Valley of Fire State Park, Logandale Trails, Overton Wildlife Management Area, and Moapa Valley National Wildlife Refuge are all a part of our community. The rural lifestyle is cherished, neighbors help one another, and family values are still respected. I feel transported back to a time when life was simpler, family and friends important, and hard work is its own reward. For these reasons and many more, I love Moapa Valley.

Mary Kaye Washburn

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