Why I Love Southern Utah Sept -2016

When asked recently why I love the southern Utah area so much, I couldn’t answer right away. I had to decide just what it was. Was it the natural beauty of the area? The Colorado Plateau, the Great Basin Desert, and the Mojave Desert come together to create something uniquely beautiful and IMG_20150901_102515104_HDRinspiring. And with so many national and state parks in the area it’s easy to enjoy it.
Or maybe it’s the lifestyle. Everyone is so active here, and it’s no wonder. There’s so many great city parks and bike paths that you just want to get out and enjoy them. I especially like to take my kids to the new Red Hills Desert Garden, where they make learning about the area so fun.

Or maybe it’s the weather we enjoy here. Every winter we are reminded of how good we have it by the number of people who come here to join us for our mild winters.

Or maybe it’s all the different types of restaurants in the area where every craving can be satisfied on any given night.

Or maybe it’s the arts and music festivals they have in the area. How can anybody choose just one?

I guess I love southern Utah because I don’t have to choose. I can enjoy it all!

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