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A New STAR Rises

The new Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort will be the home away from home for traveling teams, families, golfers, and other groups.

by Brian Hurlburt

Mesquite’s newest star is the Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort, an innovative hotel and sports concept created by the owners and operators of the successful Eureka Casino Resort. Opening in October 2016, the Rising Star will fill a much needed void in Mesquite and will bring new and incremental business to RS_Suite_Kingthe area.

Not Just Another Hotel
Rising Star is a destination resort catering to travelers, golfers, athletes, coaches, chaperones, and their guests. The resort solves the problem that many families face when traveling for youth sports events. Any guest can rent a room or suite for the night, but the primary focus is teams and groups.

Greg Lee, developer of Rising Star said, “The resort will meet the needs of the competitive athlete, while not ignoring the needs of everyone else traveling with them. Talking from personal experience, a tournament weekend should be more than long days on the fields and sidelines. Rising Star will create ways for Mom or Dad to sneak in a round of golf or a massage, and for the whole family to spend some time by the pool.”

Andre Carrier, the Chief Operating Officer of Rising Star, is not only a hotelier but a parent of young athletes. “These days, many families use up their vacation time and budget to travel the region and country allowing tRS_Room_Bunkfor5_ver1 (2)heir children to play in tournaments,” Carrier says. “Our goal for the Sports Ranch is to add the “vacation experience” to tournament weekends. With the unique design of the Ranch, special onsite amenities, high capacity food and beverage outlets and banquet facilities, and close proximity of sporting facilities, the stress of tournament weekend can be traded out for relaxation and laughs, and the trip can now have something for everyone, and hopefully good memories for all.”

Distinctive Accommodations and Amenities
The resort’s uniquely designed rooms make traveling with sports teams and groups easier and more fun. There are three kinds of bunk rooms that connect to a chaperone’s room, making the challenge of placing kids in rooms easier. The mini bunk room features four bunk beds, the bunk room for five features five bunk beds, and the super bunk room features 12 bunk beds. The resort also has coach’s rooms (which connect to the super bunk rooms) that feature a living room, pull-out couch, white boards, and a video game console. It’s the perfect spot for a team meeting or to relax in between activities. These specialty rooms provide affordable and fun ways to give kids space to be kids, while allowing for easy supervision by parents and chaperones in adjoining rooms.

Great Eats with No StressIMG_3981B (2) (1)
Rising Star’s signature restaurant, Victory Kitchen, is a concept created by the executive team in conjunction with Las Vegas restaurateurs, Ralph Cautela, Oliver Wharton, and Olivier Zardoni, the creators of Secret Pizza at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Inna Gadda di Pizza, to name just a few. The three meal restaurant will, of course, feature outrageously good pizza, but will also serve exceptional wings and rotisserie chicken, as well as signature chopped salads, all made from organic ingredients, with locally sourced produce whenever possible. The Victory Kitchen will also work to meet the needs of game days with a broad variety of “to go” foods and complete meals that can be packaged up to take to the fields. The food operations at the Ranch resort are also designed to scale for large special events to be sure that it can accommodate the groups of ravenous players and families at the end of a tournament day.

Make the Most of Your Time Away
For individual travelers, golfers, teams of youth and senior sports, and families, the resort offers multiple opportunities to enjoy downtime onsite. From the tastes of Victory Kitchen, to the games in the resort’s arcade, to all the fun that can be had in “The Backyard,” there is something for every guest to enjoy.

Just outside the guest rooms is one of the special features of the Ranch – “The Backyard,” which features a swimming pool, basketball, volleyball, and pickleball courts, shaded picnic areas with barbecues, a putting green, a soccer field, horseshoe pits, chess boards, and game tables. The Backyard is ideal for catered events and outdoor movie nights.

A large (30,000 square feet) field house, affectionately referred to as “The Big Barn,” is under construction now and scheduled to open in mid-2017. This state of the art athletic complex is designed to be configurable to host just about any sports tournament or camp and will be
among the region’s largest indoor sports facilities.RS_Room_Coaches

The Rising Star is a unique concept not only for Mesquite, but for the entire country, and the reaction from the sports and travel industry has been tremendous. Numerous events are already scheduled for the Ranch across multiple sports.

With Mesquite’s already exceptional collection of athletic facilities, the Rising Star further solidifies the city as a premier destination for sports tournaments and events. Among the resort’s outstanding features is its close proximity to all the fields, courts, and diamonds. All facilities are within a 10 minute drive of the Ranch resort, and many are within walking distance, making it unlike almost any destination in the southwest.

Describing the unique experience at the Ranch, Carrier said, “How good will it feel for parents to know they have a place to go where their children can be exposed to elite competition, and once the game is over, in just minutes, they can be back at the pool, sitting in a lounge chair, sipping a cold drink while their kids are playing Marco Polo? That’s how we do it on the Ranch. So bring your best, bring it to the Ranch!”

You can reach Rising Star at or
(844) RZN-STAR (796-7827).

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