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Fresh and Creative Ways to Liven Up Your Home


by Helen Houston

It’s no surprise that a person’s mood can be altered by the surroundings they live in. You really do feel livelier when everywhere around your home feels fresh.


Often times, we unconsciously freshen our homes when we get a call at an unexpected moment that someone is coming over. Then the adrenaline


starts – take this out and put this here, open the draperies, re-position the vase, hang a picture, arrange the pillows… yeah, we’ve all been there. But, with a little forethought, you can make some fresh changes for little or no cost.


Rotate Art

Some homeowners hang everything they own on every wall. If you look at your art all the time, you start taking it for granted. Every six months, rotate your pieces. Hang lighter, pastel colors for spring and summer, and store the deep oils until fall and winter. Also, leave one wall blank in each room which gives the eyes of viewers a place to rest.


Soothe the Senses

Bring aroma indoors. Scents have a profound effect on mood. Infusing scent into your décor with diffusers, candles, and especially fresh cut flowers can change the overall feeling of a space and creates an immediate sense of freshness. Make sure to avoid heavy scents that could be perceived as hiding unpleasant odors.


Let the Sunshine In

Cooler fall temperatures mean finally opening the window shades that have been guarding against the infiltration of the harsh summer heat. For the last several months, many of us have let our windows go. You can have a gorgeous room, but if the windows are dirty, it won’t look as beautiful and bright. Don’t forget the screens. Dusty window screens do not encourage good air circulation.


Fridge Makeover

In just minutes, you can tidy up your kitchen by getting rid of the scraps of paper, business cards, invitations and take-out menus stuck to your refrigerator door. If you have odds and ends everywhere, it looks messy. Hang a bulletin board near the kitchen workspace to attach your important items of note or small corkboards inside kitchen cabinets.


Update Accessories

Just as you would add a scarf, necklace, or tie to enhance an outfit, do the same with your home. Add great accent pillows in bright colors. Drape bright, light throws on your sofa. Pick out colorful vases or candles to boost a cocktail or dining table.


If you display collections and you have an assortment of elephants (for example) in every room, centralize the collection in one spot. It makes your rooms look more organized and your visitors can truly enjoy the more dramatic effect.


Refreshing New Rugs

Instantly transform even the drabbest of spaces by creating the mood and adding character with a rug. An area rug can either bring something unexpected into a room or add a jolt of color. It freshens up a room and can define different spaces within a larger room.


Change Your Old Doormat

Doormats often get the doormat treatment – overused and neglected until they become an eyesore. Why would you give such treatment to the first and last thing you and your guests see when entering and leaving your home? Purchase a new one for every season and rotate them.


Brighten and Whiten

White adds a sense of brightness and freshness to any room. Try using white wherever you wish to add this feeling. Try bathroom towels, lampshades, candles, picture frames, throw pillows, and bed linen.


Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors reflect light, and when used correctly, can create fantastic visual drama. Large options can be pricy, so visit your thrift store or purchase inexpensive, unframed panels. Hang them across from or adjacent to windows to add depth to a flat space. Or set them under or behind accents for an instant play on light.


Soft Goods

These super easy “soft good” updates will make a world of a difference in your kitchen and bath. Use a real rug, not a bathroom rug, in front of your bathroom sink. Replace your shower curtain and any accent towels.


Beautify Your Boudoir

Bright, new bedding can do wonders for freshening up your personal space. Pull out the crisp linens with coverlets for color. Bring in the light with floral design or solid spreads. Don’t forget accent pillows for added style and comfort.


Bring in the Green

Plants are the definition of fresh. If you have been feeling that your home interiors are a little empty and in need of a breath of fresh air, then adding a few indoor plants could be just the way to liven your room décor up a bit.


For more information visit Helen at Hues & Vues – Inspired Walls & Windows, a custom window design studio located at 350 Falcon Ridge Parkway #102 in Mesquite, or call (702) 346-0246.


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