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Great News for Pet Lovers

by Dianne Reid


Our time has come in Mesquite. No more driving for hours to pick-up a new toy for your pet, or waiting for a package to arrive at your doorstep when you’ve run out of your pet’s favorite food. Mesquite is about to have our very own “brick and mortar” pet store.


If you’ve been following our Facebook Page (, then you know it’s been a long time in the planning, and that’s a good thing. Hole-In-One Pets has listened to you. We’ve been attending local community events since March in an effort to learn just what it is you

want in a pet store. And now we’re building it.


The concept for Hole-In-One Pets has grown from a “simple” pet supply store to a gathering place for all pet lovers. We’re adding a pet-friendly café, where you can sit outside with your best friends (both 2- and 4-legged ones), sipping on a sumptuous barista-made latté and catching up on social media with our free Wi-Fi, whilst your dog romps with his mates in our indoor doggie playroom (or just lazes at the café lapping up a pupachino).


Our goal is to create a community built around our shared love of animals, and our mission is to promote healthy and happy pets. Hole-In-One Pets will be your “go to” place for expert nutritional advice, educational seminars, training tips, meeting up with fellow pet lovers, hosting a puppy party, and the list goes on.


Is your pet overweight? We can help. Not only will our staff be trained in the most current trends in pet nutrition, but our passion is to educate customers on the benefits of feeding your pet the best diet to improve their health, well-being, cognitive function, and, ultimately, provide them with a longer and better quality of life. And with pets living longer, we will focus on diet and lifestyle products for aging pets in our community.


To this end, we will stock an extensive range of natural, grain-free, organic and raw pet food diets, treats and supplements. And of course, we’ll carry pet supplies such as collars, leashes, shampoos, toys, kennels, carriers, cat furniture, and the latest trends in pet clothing.


Having owned companies in the pet industry since 2005, we have numerous connections and inroads to source the latest and greatest in pet care products – long before they show up on Amazon. Many of our products are sourced directly from inventors and manufacturers, giving us the first option to purchase before they go into the chain stores, or online. So we can promise we’ll have lots of exciting and innovative toys to challenge and entertain (you and) your pet.


In fact, we’ve just returned from SuperZoo 2016, the most popular trade show for the pet retail industry in North America. There were over 1100 exhibitors, and 820 new products launched at the show. You can be sure Hole-In-One will always be on the cutting edge, and will keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and healthiest options for your pets.


Other treats in store will include self-serve and full-service dog baths. And watch this space, because in 2017 we’ll also be adding full-care doggy daycare and boarding.


We won’t be selling pets, of course, but we will partner with various local agencies to sponsor pet adoption days at the store, where you can come meet and greet potential new family additions. Or just come by to hug a pet in need, and to learn more about how you can make the world a better place for less fortunate animals. We have a heart for abused and neglected animals of any type, and we will make a stand in our community to be a part of the solution.


At this time, we anticipate that Hole-In-One Pets will be open for business in November. Please like us on Facebook, or register on our Website to receive updates on our grand opening. We look forward to meeting you and your BFF!


For more information, visit

or call  (702) 816-0083.


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