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We are fortunate to have many talented contributors to this dav_0788
magazine. One of those contributors is an amazing photographer, Dave Amodt. Over just the last two years, his work has graced several of our covers, and has been featured in many articles. He is a busy man and always has inspiring stories to tell from his travels and adventures. To begin our series of featured contributors, we reached out to the person who knows Dave best – his wife, Misty – for a “snapshot” of his life and story.

story by Misty Amodt

                                                                                   photos by Dave Amodtgrafton-gate

Dadav_0747ve Amodt was raised in St. George, Utah, and followed in his father’s footsteps with his love of photography. In high school, he won several awards for his portraits, and even took Sweepstakes at the Utah State Fair when he was 15 years old. Currently, you can see many of his sports pictures at the local St. George Applebee’s. He has passed his love and skills of photography/videography down to his daughters, both of whom have excelled at, and also have won praise for their work.  

Dave’s favorite subjects to photograph include nature, public events and he also enjoys portraits.  He insists on using the best equipment, and is a perfectionist when editing his photos.  

One of his favorite and most popular pictures is that of a lightning storm out in Bundyville of the old schoolhouse. He was out there with one of his daughters trying to capture just the right shot of lightning, and, frustrated, decided to pack up his equipment as the sun was setting. But, ever the patient photographer, he waited just a bit longer and was able to get a really great shot of the sunset shining in through the schoolhouse windows, with a huge lightning strike beside the schoolhouse.  He has sold several of these prints to people.

When he isn’t engaged in photography, you might find him repairing your heater or air conditioner. He owns Outwest HVAC, Inc. and enjoys serving people through that business.  

If you know Dave, you also know that he travels to Tijuana and other places quite frequently, to serve The Lord and help with ministry work that is dave1496needed. You also know that he has

“hobby-ADD” and loves trying many different hobbies. He opened his own hobby store – “Custom Drone & Hobby,” located behind Applebee’s and Winger’s in St. George, where he loves to spend time with people, finding out their interests, and getting to know our community better.

To view more of his work or to contact Dave, visit eph28.smugmug.com, call (435) 862-8622, or email dramodt@me.com.

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