Why I Love Cedar City

Why I Love Cedar City

America is truly an amazing country with a myriad of interesting people, fascinating cultures, and extraordinary towns. Each community has its own characteristics that make it unique. The same holds true for the place I call home – Cedar City, Utah.

Quality of life is a significant determinant in choosing where one will reside. Finding that special place with the right culture, community spirit, activities, and amenities to make your life fulfilling is essential. For me, Cedar City has all of this. And more. I call it “authentically altruistic.”

Abounding in stunning scenery, intriguing natural formations, clean skies, numerous recreational activities, and festivals galore, Cedar City is a treasure. But what really sets this community apart are the marvelous people that dwell here. The people of Cedar City genuinely care about one another and strive to have a positive impact on the lives of others. Whether it’s coming together to put on an event, help clean-up downtown, or looking for ways to solve intergenerational poverty, the people of Cedar City work together to make a difference.

Undoubtedly there are good people all across this great land and beyond, however, Cedar City is a rare gem as the people here wholeheartedly endeavor to lift one another. Cedar City is a community with a passion for life, but more importantly, we value people. This is why I have chosen to live in Cedar City.

~ Chris McCormick

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