Why I Love Hurricane

Why I Love Hurricane

I love hurricane. And believe me, I have had plenty of occasions to explain why. It’s a long story that started when I arrived in town on a Sunday morning in 1978, fresh from Ventura and raised in San Diego – a California girl through and through. As church got out that day, we suddenly had a crowd arrive who had gone home, changed clothes, and came back to help us unload. One dear lady insisted we leave the lifting to the men and took me and the kids home for a meal. No one asked what religion we were, but we had a lot of other great conversations before everything was in the house. At first, the slow, relaxed attitudes made me crazy. The long, friendly chats in the grocery lines were hard to take after the rush-rush of my California upbringing. For 10 years my children and I basked in the fresh air and freedom of this cozy, casual, small town.

I was a teacher in a small California town and again later in Oregon. I celebrated the new millennium by moving back to Hurricane and was often asked why I moved back. Well, although it has really grown, there is still a neighborliness that the other small towns didn’t have. Everywhere I go I bump into friendly faces. In spite of all the growth, there is a consistency – people like it here and stick around. I not only run into children I knew 30 years ago, but find myself teaching their children. There is a sense of caring. Three of my grandchildren have come to live with me for one reason – they love to go to school here. They’ve all felt that the teachers were concerned and helpful and the kids were kinder than they had experienced in other towns. In addition, with all its growth, there are so many local businesses, I find I seldom leave town to shop. Just about everything you need is right here, surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes you’ll ever hope to see, swim, camp, or hike.

Finally, after spending a long, crazy-fun weekend in San Diego for my high school reunion, I am ever so grateful for this relaxing, amazing town I call home.

~ Karen-Jane

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