Why I Love Moapa Valley

Why I Love Moapa Valley

I moved here from the Las Vegas area almost four years ago and from the moment we moved into our home, neighbors began to stop by and introduce themselves. This is why I immediately knew we were in the right place. Since then it has only continued to get better. This community takes care of and helps one another like no other community I have ever seen.

Moapa Valley is a beautiful country community with lush green pastures and beautiful views. We also have quite a few attractions for a smaller community, including Logandale Trails, Valley of Fire, Lake Mead State Park, and the annual Clark County Fair and Rodeo.

One of the best things I like as a business owner in Moapa Valley is the fact that residents shop and buy local. We opened our business here a couple years ago and I am just amazed at the support we get from our perpetual community as well as our returning snowbirds every fall. We are thankful and appreciate the local support. Moapa Valley Nevada is truly an oasis just outside of the big city they call Fabulous Las Vegas.

~ Vernon Lytle

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