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Katering Koncepts Inc.

Catering to Your Every Event Need

Their motto is “When it just has to be perfect,” but when it came to starting their catering company, it was anything but for Kelly Shannon and Doug Naetzel. Katering Koncepts, the upscale catering and event rental company, was born out of necessity. 2008 saw Naetzel’s thriving construction business diminish along with the economy. Shannon, having graduated from the Culinary Academy in Los Angeles, turned to her catering skills to bridge the gap.

With a history of throwing parties in their own home for hundreds of friends, the couple simply took that approach to Katering Koncepts; every single  katering-koncepts-collection-2-55 customer would be treated as a friend and their events would be perfect in every detail. “When a client calls in, they have an idea of what they want, and we help put the details into the idea to make sure nothing is missed as well as provide options,” says Shannon. When dealing with a once in a lifetime moment like a marriage proposal, there are no details too small. One such proposal in particular involved decorating an entire hotel suite with appetizers, champagne, candles, and even rose petals.

katering-koncepts-collection-2-43What truly sets Katering Koncepts apart is the willingness to listen and counsel with clients. “I want to know each client. I need to know exactly what they want and expect so that I can make sure we give them the event and memories they are looking for,” says Shannon. This extra time spent working with clients is part of the additional value they provide. “Many times clients call just looking for a price but after we are able to walk through the event and the expectations, they realize that we are a different kind of company. Our success is built on the client loving our events. We have had long standing relationships with many of our clients and we are very proud of this,” says Shannon.

Katering Koncepts is a full service catering and rental company serving the Northern Mojave Desert, Washington County, and Iron Counties in Utah, as well as Mesquite, Nevada. With a history of serving intimate parties for two all the way up to serving events of over 2,000 as they did for the St. George air show, they have the experience and commitment to make the event one of a kind. Katering Koncepts has the ability to provide for your company’s gourmet box lunch or breakfast buffet to your sit down formal Christmas party and anything else you can imagine. They can provide everything necessary to make your event a success including tables, chairs, linens, formal dishware, stemware, bartenders, and everything else necessary. In addition to corporate events, they also provide complete meal service for families and gatherings.ekatering-koncepts-032

While running a successful catering business and raising four children hasn’t been an easy task for the couple, they work together well to utilize their individual strengths. While Kelly is busy running the kitchen, meeting with clients, and keeping the office running smoothly, Doug is out and about as the spokesman, making rental deliveries, meeting with clients, and representing Katering Koncepts in the community with organizations including the St. George Area Chamber of Commerce, Washington City Chamber of Commerce, Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, Red Cross, Dixie Sunshiners, and a number of professional organizations such as Corporate Alliance and BNI. Doug is passionate about meeting new people and learning about them. Head out in public with Doug and you will more than likely run into someone he knows. “We love this community and being an active part of It.” says Naetzel.

For more information visit, or call (435) 574-0059.

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