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Merry Petsmas

Everything Your Pet Wants for the Holiday

by Dianne Reid

Happy Holidays! It’s such an exciting time of year here in Mesquite and Southern Utah. Our snowbird friends are back in town, plans are underway for Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings, and the golf courses are overseeded and ready to go. Add to that, the crisp autumn air means we’re back to walking our dogs and spending more time outside. What’s not to love about our beautiful corner of the world?

Speaking of love – and of Christmas, even if you don’t have a pet, is there anyone out there who doesn’t have a least one pet on their Christmas shopping list? Having come away from the SuperZoo Pet Expo in August with an exhaustive list of the newest must-have gadgets for pets, I’ve narrowed it down to the hottest growing category for gift ideas: interactive toys.

The buzz for pet toys this year is brain-stimulation and exercise, and if you’ve watched all the infamous cat (and dog) videos, you know there is a plethora of them on the market. The latest interactive toys trending for Christmas this year are:

Pet Chatz ( One I’ve been following for years – I love it! Check out the video on YouTube, and you’ll be hooked (but beware, it’s pricey!):

Tkir ( Another cool product I’ve been supporting through Kickstarter, and which we’re privileged to have the first stock available in Mesquite this month. It’s an interactive snack toy that is awesome.

iFetch ( Yep, this was my first Kickstarter support project, and I still love it. These folks were one of the first to dominate the interactive toy category, and won yet another award at SuperZoo this year. (Disclosure: yes, we have them here for sale in Mesquite). Check out their videos on YouTube – there are hundreds of them.

Tether Tug Uber

( Another Pet Product of the Year winner.  It’s an interactive toy for high-energy dogs that consists of a knotted rope tug toy mounted on a rod secured to an in-ground base. Again, there are hilarious videos on YouTube.  Check out this one:

For cats, my favorites are:

NoBowl Feeding System

( You’re probably seeing a trend here, as I find the coolest products through Kickstarter. This is another one, which also just happened to win a Best Product award at SuperZoo.  It’s an indoor “hunting system” for feeding your cat the way nature intended. You fill the faux mice with food, and hide them around the house. Your cat hunts down their meal, and eats on their own time schedule. Check it out here:

FroliCat ( This line of interactive cat toys has something for every feline – even the shy ones.  I’ve tried almost every product in the range, and I can attest that cats love them – great price points, too. They’re available at most pet stores, as well as Amazon and Chewy.

Bergan Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher ( Another award-winning product, it combines a cat scratcher with a motion-activated LED ball for hours of fun and exercise.

Although innovation and exercise are the most popular pet category now, I want to mention another growing trend that is close to my heart – products for aging and handicapped pets.  Muffin’s Halo for Blind Dogs won Best New Dog Product 2016 at SuperZoo. I’m so happy to see the pet category for aging pets continue to grow. This is a product I spotted in 2012 and have been singing its praises ever since. For more products to assist aging and handicapped pets, check out and

And finally, for gift giving along the lines of the monthly fruit basket, there are several companies now doing a fantastic job delivering monthly “mystery boxes” filled with pet toys (and even treats) right to your doorstep. You can subscribe, or just give as a one-time gift.  Prices range from

$20-$50, and the most popular are:

Bark Box (dogs)

PoochPerks (dogs)

PawPak (dogs)

KitNipBox (cats)

PurrPacks (cats)

MeowBox (cats)

In closing, I’d like to leave you with a few freebies I’ve discovered along the way.  Most come as both smartphone apps and/or website newsletters and blogs:

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross App

Put Hub App

There are literally hundreds of information-packed pet websites and apps out there.  Please feel free to call or email me anytime if you have questions , or are searching for any specific info and need some assistance.

Happy Holidays, fellow pet lovers!

Personal Note:

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Hole-In-One Pet Products store will not be opening this year as planned. It has been a heart-breaking decision to make, and very personal. Those who know me know that I came to Mesquite to care for my parents, and it’s been a difficult journey. Sadly, the situation has escalated to the point that I am unable to open the store at this time, and need to turn my full attention in another direction for the

foreseeable future.

I apologize to the Mesquite community, my staff, the City, and all the wonderful people who have been so helpful and encouraging – this town is phenomenal.

My vision for Hole-In-One Pets has been a long held dream, and a 12-month effort. I’m devastated that I’m unable at this time to fulfill my promise to establish what I believe would’ve been a premier pet care facility – truly the first of its kind anywhere.

I have a significant amount of stock that I will be selling in order to clear out the storage unit by Christmas. The majority of stock is pet doors. We have doors for patio doors, wood doors, walls, sheds, and glass – in all shapes and sizes. Please refer to our website at for more information, or call me directly at (702) 816-0083. Pricing will be at cost, so there are some tremendous deals to be had.

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