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Strong Women of Moapa Valley – Joan Rainey Day

Joan is a local artist and has lived the last 16 years in Moapa Valley, Overton, Nevada. Her colorful murals, with natural landscapes and wildlife, grace joan-on-ksouthern Nevada, Hawaii, and California businesses and homes. You can view public murals in Mesquite (Golden West Restaurant & Casino), Overton, and Moapa (Sugar’s Home Plate, Muddy River Bar & Grill,  Roos ‘N More Zoo).           


She has published two state park trail guides, one covering the Valley of Fire and the second containing trail guides of eight eastern Nevada state parks. She has also published an off-road trail guide for southeast Nevada and a plant guide featuring plants and flowers of the Lake Mead and Valley of Fire region. These guides can be found at the Valley of Fire visitors center, the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce, and some local businesses.          


Joan’s path in life has been varied and interesting. She’s an amazing artist using many mediums, an author, avid horsewoman, and ATV enthusiast. Art  is her center, and she has pursued her love of nature and the outdoors by visiting unique, sometimes exotic, places, and becoming one with her  surroundings. She has kayaked the San Juan Islands, Tierra del Fuego, and the Amazon River. She’s explored Machu Picchu in Peru, the Galapagos Islands off of South America, and the wonders of Australia and New Zealand.

She’s traveled the United States promoting her wildlife jewelry business. Her jewelry can be found in state parks, natural history museums and retail resort outlets across the country. Years past, Joan worked as an instructor and guide in back country excursions in Mammoth, California. She has worked the past four summers as a trail guide and ranch hand in Utah.

pat-joanThis year, Joan accepted a position as a Site Monitor for Partners in Conservation (PIC) in Logandale Trails, providing assistance, monitoring the trails, and educating the public. She has created designs for promotional and marketing materials for PIC and a current project is creating a coloring book containing plants and wildlife of the area. This job was made for Joan as she loves the outdoors and sharing her knowledge with people.        

She has volunteered many hours to non-profit organizations: Nevada Rock Art Foundation, mapping rock art for preservation and research; as a Water Safety volunteer on Lake Mead for the National Park Service, providing visitor assistance and search and rescue. Others include the Lost City Museum,  Roos ‘N More Zoo, Moapa Valley Revitalization Project, and as a Site Steward, monitoring archaeological sites and reporting back to designated agencies.

Joan also works as a substitute Teacher’s Assistant with Clark County School District, working with many special needs students. She has reached children through art, breaking barriers in learning, and making emotional connections that have a positive lifetime impact.                                                                         

Joan Rainey Day attended Mills College where she majored in zoology with a minor in botany. She also attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where she studied biology and worked as a biological illustrator and wildlife artist, and has a wealth of knowledge about biology, plants, and animals. That understanding has been reinterpreted in her artwork.

Joan’s dedication to art, love of nature, and drive to preserve our natural resources, culture, and history for future generations make her the perfect choice to feature as a “Strong Woman of Moapa Valley.” Like us, you would be proud to call her your friend.joan-day

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