Letter from the Publisher

Dear Readers,


As we embark on this journey into a new year we can not help but reflect on the last one. Many of us have some great memories of 2016 and many of us had trials and tribulations that others did not see.


We as humans usually choose to see the new year as the opportunity to change, improve, or start something completely new. We are filled with hopes and dreams of a better year to come.


I am choosing to make some very positive changes starting in the new year.  I will make this a year to remember.


As you peruse these pages you will see some amazing events that have already taken place and some that you can look forward to attending.


We live in an incredible area that has so many different things to do that you will never be bored. We can enjoy amazing landscapes, beautiful golf courses, brilliant sunsets, and the multitude of ways to get involved with our communities.


Please take the time this year to do something just for yourself, even if it is just to reflect on the past year to help you decide what it is you want in the future.


As always please stop by and thank our advertisers for making this publication possible.  Visit our website at www.ViewOnMagazine.com and join us on social media.


I would like to take this time to thank all of the wonderful people that made this publication what it is today.


I wish you all the brightest and most beautiful New Year!


Kathy Lee


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