Mesquite Regional Business, Inc. Welcomes a New CEO

A sixth-generation Nevadan, Rachel Dahl comes to Mesquite from Fallon, Nevada where she grew up, played basketball, graduated high school and college, and most recently served as the Executive Director of Churchill Economic Development Authority for nearly three years. She was hired and came on board with Mesquite Regional Business on November 7, 2016 as the new President/CEO. She took over the reins from George Gault, who previously served on the MRB Board of Directors and was a founder of the organization in 2013.  


For a small-town girl, Rachel has a surprisingly diverse background, gaining experiences that have served her well during her lifetime. Addicted to politics at an early age, she volunteered for local political groups and candidates, eventually working for Senator John Ensign on his campaign as well as the Senate staff, and has taught Political Science at Western Nevada College for several years.  


Her first “real” job was working for the local workforce development agency, then under the Job Training Partnership Act, a federal program to provide workforce training programs.  She was stolen by Shirley Walker who ran the economic development office in Fallon during the early 1990s and learned the economic development industry and gained a strong background in local government from one of the best mentors a person could have.  


20161205_144223Rachel caught the writing bug from her 7th grade English teacher and was able to freelance for the local weekly paper, The Fallon Star Press, for several years focusing on local government, water policy, and investigative stories. She also wrote a “snort-orange-juice-out-your-nose” humorous column once a week, and currently sells stories about western resource use to various magazines; her latest was a water story for Range Magazine.  


One day a friend of hers who ran the Alternative High School in Fallon asked if she could teach English. Four classes short of a teaching degree, Rachel committed to the Alternative Route to Licensure and taught English and Government to 9th – 12th graders. She later taught 8th grade English for two years, and lived to tell about it. “The world would be a better place if everyone taught public school for at least a year,” Rachel jokes, “we would have more compassion for one another, and we would contribute more if we could remember what it’s like to be put in a windowless box with 30 children and one grown up and expected to make learning happen.”  


After saying for her whole life that she would never run for office, she buckled under pressure and ran for City Council, winning with 69% of the vote. In that capacity, Rachel was selected to serve on the National League of Cities Energy and Natural Resources committee.  


For all the fun she’s had, Rachel will tell you her best experiences have been in raising her three children. Her oldest, Sara, is a 25-year-old rugby-playing neuroscientist who lives in Washington D.C., her son Trevor is 22 and is a licensed well-driller in the state of Nevada who, with Alicia, will make Rachel a grandmother in April of 2017, and her youngest daughter, Sloan, is in 8th grade at Hughes Middle School where she has good grades and just made the basketball team.  Sloan and Rachel share their house in Mesquite with their Great Dane, Shady.  


With experience in economic development, environmental and water policy, as well as her experience in education, Rachel brings a well-rounded perspective to her endeavors and is looking forward to contributing to the Mesquite community.
For more information, visit or call (702) 208-8445.

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