Strong Woman of Southern Utah – Lindsey Boyer

As an athlete growing up in eastern Oregon, maintaining an active lifestyle has always been a part of life for Lindsey Boyer. At age 18, a distant move from home to play collegiate softball at Utah Valley State College was just the first step in her eventual migration to southern Utah. Her years of playing a sport she loved deeply allowed her to travel and experience many of the western states, but her favorite destination became the red desert of St. George.


Before finishing her undergraduate studies, Lindsey was introduced to several outdoor attractions in the surrounding areas, including the majestic trails of Zion National Park, the awe-inspiring views from the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and the warmth of beautiful waters of Lake Powell. It comes as no surprise to locals that she immediately became fixated on an eventual move to St. George. The only drawback to moving further south was the increase in distance it created between her new home and beloved family and friends left behind in the Pacific Northwest, a place where her roots are deep and a piece of her heart remains.


Lindsey holds fond memories from an active childhood and she attributes the courage she found to pursue bigger goals to the influence of strong leaders in her young life. These profound influences, who helped shape early experiences, propelled her thirst for achievement. Of all the strong examples she appreciates, the example most prominent in her life is her mother, who worked as a school counselor during her most impressionable years. Lindsey watched the sincere impact her mother had on young children and their families, motivating her to also choose a career in the helping professions. This beautiful example of serving others deeply inspired her.


After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2002, Lindsey relocated to St. George, where she pursued a career serving youth and families in the juvenile justice system and also through the Division of Child and Family Services. During this time, she earned a master’s degree in mental health counseling, while working full time and raising a daughter. More than a decade later she is now serving as the Executive Director at DOVE Center, the local victim service provider for domestic and sexual violence survivors. Inspired to take this work to a higher level, she and her team of staff and volunteers strive to expand the great work provided by DOVE Center since its doors opened in 1994. “It is a great honor to represent an agency that promotes values of equality and respect, and which collaborates with other agencies to promote a safer community,” says Lindsey.   


Of all the great experiences in life, being a mother is Lindsey’s greatest gift and lesson. She acknowledges her profession has undeniably played a significant role in the influence she imposes on her daughter to also become a strong woman one day. “In our line of work we put much emphasis on promoting the strength women possess, especially important in a world where women have experienced oppression and far too many have endured violence. I choose to teach my daughter that this is not the world we must live in, but rather, we can effect change by the choices we make and the examples we set. We start by believing our worth and our power is capable of such, and then go find other strong women and men who agree in mutual respect in our relationships, our families, our communities, and our cultures. These are the things I am inspired to teach, and to offer as a reminder to those who may have forgotten somewhere along the way,” she asserts.


When asked what have been the most meaningful experiences of her career, she quickly replies, “Facilitating support groups. Witnessing the healing power that exists in shared suffering where survivors exchange mutual support, well let me tell you, that is an especially powerful moment to experience and I feel honored to have been a part of it. These experiences have strengthened my belief in what hope can do for the human soul.” While Lindsey has thoroughly enjoyed providing direct services, she has also found a passion in her role as Director to help strengthen the voice of survivors and offer a beacon of hope for those who may still be suffering in silence and in isolation.


Make no mistake, however, the helping profession can undoubtedly take its emotional toll on those working in the field; therefore, a requirement of self-care demands respect and commitment. This is where our southern Utah outdoor playground offers great value to helping professionals in this line of work. Lindsey, for one, has found it easy to remain active and involved in personal recreation because of this beautiful landscape surrounding her. She has discovered that finding solace comes easily when in the outdoors. A morning spent hiking one of her favorite trails, like Chuckawalla, is all it takes for the mind-body-spirit to reconnect and recharge.


As Lindsey ponders the years she has enjoyed working in this profession and especially her time here in Utah’s Dixie, she acknowledges the satisfaction she gleans from working closely with other strong women. She affectionately pays tribute to the amazing ladies who have inspired, and continue to inspire, her to be a better person and to collectively make a difference in this world. While she may have a few personal accomplishments on her list, she never ceases to pay tribute to those who helped make those achievements a reality. Parents, leaders, mentors, colleagues, and friends have all made this path possible and that is something Lindsey will never forget.


Lindsey Boyer truly embodies the spirit of our Strong Wlindsey-boyer-head-shotomen of Southern Utah in every way. As an avid athlete, Lindsey understands teamwork better than most. Her focus on inclusion based leadership and collaboration bring a refreshing – and welcome – perspective to the organization and their important role in our community. She appreciated the opportunity to participate in this piece, and hoped to “offer a little inspiration for other
women“ in our area. We believe she has done a lot more than that. Lindsey’s dedication to helping victims of abuse is heartening and inspirational. It is because of the work of people like Lindsey that southern Utah is such a wonderful place to call home. Thank you for your efforts and the opportunity to build a better community alongside of you, Lindsey.


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