View on Fitness – 5 Exercises You Can Take Anywhere

Five Exercises You Can Take Anywhere

No Gym, Not A Problem

by Laura L. Draskovich, A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer


Being committed to working out is made simple if you know a few key exercises that can be done virtually anywhere. No need for machines or equipment to get a total body workout, when you can get the job done in your own home, outdoors, or traveling. By utilizing your body weight, you can achieve a workout that is both challenging and beneficial. The exercises that I will show you will increase strength and mobility, which is crucial in preventing wear and tear on muscles and joints. They will target every major muscle group of the body. So get ready, and give these five a try. I recommend a towel or yoga mat and a water bottle. Exercises should be done for 10-15 repetitions “reps” for 3-5 “sets.” Option: To increase fat burning, complete one set of each exercise with a 30-60 second cardio interval in between.

  1. Body Weight Squat. Target Muscles: Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes.img_6984-1-1

First, step both feet slightly wider than hips, turning toes out just a bit. Focus on posture, standing tall, shoulders back, abdominals drawn in and knees “unlocked.” Begin with your hands on your hips or extended shoulder height. Lower your body ⅓ to ½ way down, while pushing hips back and keeping your chest elevated. Knees should track mid foot in this position. Stand up pressing through the balls of the feet.

  1. Push Ups. Target Muscles: Chest, Shoulder, Abdominals, Upper Back.

Begin on hands and knees. Place your hands below shoulders and then move them slightly wider. For knee push ups, move knees back and lower hips even with the body line. Lower your body half way to just hovering above the ground, then press up. Maintain your form through the entire repetition. For toe push ups, same form as knee pushups, keeping your pelvis tucked in.

  1. Bicycle Crunch. Target Muscles: Abdominals, Lower Back.

Lay on your back, finger tips to ears, and elbows out. Now, elevate your shoulders off the ground. Bring your right knee towards your chest with the left extended. Twisting your torso, reach your opposite elbow (left) to the right knee. Now, again keeping shoulders elevated, switch legs – extend the right leg and bring the left in as you reach your right elbow to the left knee.

  1. Lunges – Alternating. Target Muscles: Quadriceps, Glutes, Hamstrings, Calves.

From standing, step right foot back. While bending both knees and lowering your body, position front and back legs so that they are at 90 degree angles (in lowered position). Maintain upright posture. Lift upward to extended leg position (up position) at the same time stepping the back leg forward to start position. Now, step back with the left foot, and continue through the set alternating lunging sides.

  1. Tricep Dips. Target Muscle Groups: Triceps, Core.

Find a ledge to work from: chair, picnic bench, footboard on a bed, bumper of a car. The surface should be no higher that your hips. Sit on the surface, hands at your sides, and fingers pointing forward. Slide your hips forward off of the surface and lower your body, “dipping” down to approximately a 45-90 degree elbow. Maintain good posture with back brushing lightly on the ledge. Press all the way up, keeping elbows bending behind you.

Working out can be done anytime, anywhere. These key exercises which target the whole body, will leave you feeling energized and accomplished. Not only are they convenient, they will deliver results. Get creative and try other variations of each exercise. While equipment based exercises have value, exercises which require nothing more that your body weight can be as beneficial if not more so.

Until next time, keep living the fit life!

For more information, contact Laura at (702) 600-8953, or or at the Mesquite Fitness Club, (702) 346-3111.


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