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Wild West Firearms & Training

by Jan Sullivan

Photos courtesy of Wild West Firearms & Training (photo of Mike & Chris by Jan Sullivan)


20150814_122142-1-1Our business, Guns & Guitars, was 3-1/2 years old when illness struck and my husband Mike and I knew we had to retire. We asked our son, Chris Sullivan, and his girlfriend, Jenny Perry, if they would consider moving from New Hampshire to come take over running the store. Chris was an experienced shooter and had carried concealed for 20 years, had sold firearms in a retail store for seven years, and had excellent customer service skills from running the service department at a Ford automobile dealership. We knew he could handle the job. Chris and Jenny accepted the opportunity and challenge. Within two months, they had packed up their possessions, given notice to employers, left family and friends behind in New England, and headed to Mesquite, Nevada to begin a new life.


Of course, everyone hopes for the best outcome and has visions of how things would go in a perfect world, but Chris and Jenny far surpassed every dream we had for their success and that of the store.


Not only have they tripled the business of Guns & Guitars and revamped the entire operation, but they were also offered the opportunity to purchase Wild West Firearms & Training (WWF&T) from Lance and Sue Barr, who had been teaching Concealed Carry Weapons classes for 15 years in Mesquite. They accepted the offer and it was a perfect fit. They now offer a monthly CCW class (next one scheduled for January 28) and new classes are being added to their roster. A one-day defensive pistol class is also being planned; visit Chris at Guns & Guitars for details.


“When Chris and Jenny moved here, we developed an instant friendship with them. Chris jumped in to teach the CCW classes and assisting at the wwft-photo-1range. His many years of experience with firearms and her administrative skills blended well with Guns & Guitars and Wild West Firearms & Training. Their drive and ideas made us believe that they were the perfect team to take over,” said Lance Barr. “Chris and Jenny rose to the challenge, accepted our offer and were ‘all in.’ We love working with them and look forward to them succeeding in all of their endeavors.”


In the brief year since moving here, Chris has successfully completed NRA courses for Range Safety Officer, Basic Pistol Instructor, and Personal Protection Inside and Outside the Home. He has also become an official State of Nevada Concealed Carry Weapons CCW Instructor and is about to complete a gunsmithing class, while continuing to gain several defensive handgun instructor ratings as well – all of this while working at the store full-time. Jenny has been working for Legacy Construction in accounts payable while honing her skills at the store, doing the administrative work for their new business WWF&T, along with taking classes to become a firearms instructor.


Together they have the experience, courage, and self-confidence to succeed wherever they set their sights, and they have proven that to the community at large. They expected to move to Mesquite and be unknown for a while. Much to their surprise, they arrived to find the community was expecting them and quickly embraced them.


Are you wondering what they do in their “spare time?” They enjoy hiking at Zion National Park, which they refer to as their “church.” Recently Chris proposed to Jenny on Angel’s Landing and she said yes! A 2017 wedding is planned back east.


The future looks bright for Chris and Jenny, and we’re proud of them and thrilled they made the decision to call Mesquite their home. Their plans for Wild West Firearms & Training are to provide training classes for not only the CCW permit, but to educate people on how to safely and effectively carry and use their chosen concealed carry firearm. They also look forward to providing local citizens with the option to further educate themselves in defensive pistol handling. Keep your eye on this dynamic duo as they reach for the stars and continue to expand their undertakings and amaze us all.


For more information, call (702) 346-4867 or visit

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