Camel Safari

Authentic Camel Safari Opens Near Mesquite

Camel Safari offers a variety of immersive camel and Segway experiences for all ages.

by Joan Ging


1camel00040004Picture yourself ambling through spectacular desert mesas with breathtaking vistas that include both mountains and a river – atop the large hump of a friendly camel. Sounds exotic, right? Stop calculating the cost of a ticket to Morocco – that authentic camel safari on your bucket list is just 20 minutes from Mesquite, and 75 minutes from the Las Vegas strip, and an air-conditioned van with USB power ports for every seat and on-board entertainment will take you there.


Guy Seeklus, owner of Camel Safari, has been a fan of these gentle giants from his first camel purchase more than four years ago. Lexi, a precocious Bactrian camel, was his first. In getting to know each other, Lexi taught Guy how exceptionally intelligent camels are. In fact, camels are generally believed to be easier to train than horses. Soon after adopting Lexi, Guy found her a friend – another Bactrian named Norman. Soon, family and friends were asking to visit, neighbors were stopping by, and Guy saw an opportunity to educate and share with the public his own fascination and path of discovery about the wonders of these magnificent animals.


Word spread quickly about the unique business, and soon Camel Safari’s doors were open to a very intrigued audience. Visitors came from all over the nation to meet, pet, ride, and learn about both Bactrian (two-hump) and Dromedary (one-hump) camels. “Do they spit? What’s in their hump? Why do they have such long eyelashes? How fast can they run? Where do they come from? Why do their feet look so funny? What do they eat?” One group at a time, Guy and his staff shared fascinating trivia and dispelled common rumors as guests took “camel selfies” and showered his friendly herd with hugs and kisses. Guy continues to expand his Camel Safari venture to allow a wider audience to share the experience.


For just $149 per person, you can partake in the animal encounter of a lifetime. Your camel safari will include a hands-on, in-depth educational tour that will teach you about the history, anatomy, breeding, keeping, training, and temperament of these intelligent and curious giants. When available, visitors may also be provided the opportunity to bottle-feed baby camels. After spending time getting acquainted with the camels, your camel safari will begin. Friendly and knowledgeable handlers will lead your camel for a meandering 30-minute ride through the vast, open desert. The entire experience provides approximately one and a half hours of activity at the ranch.


Camel Safari also offers Segway tours for $99 per person (minimum two people). These off-road capable Segways will take you through similar scenery, providing another unique way to experience the majesty of the Nevada desert. Segway tours begin with the same hands-on, in-depth educational tour that safari participants receive before embarking on your motorized trek. For just $40 (minimum two people) or $20 for children under 12, you can keep your feet on the ground and do just the hands-on, educational tour.dsc05181


At no extra charge, Camel Safari’s private shuttles will pick you up from Eureka Casino Resort in Mesquite as well as most hotels along the Strip in Las Vegas. Shuttle accommodations from other locations including southern Utah may be possible as well. You can also make your own travel arrangements or drive yourself, but reservations are necessary. Call for more information.


Camel Safari is a 176-acre camel ranch stretching along the Virgin Mountain range and Virgin River. Home to 14 camels, Camel Safari has just opened its doors to the public and is a licensed animal attraction with the United States Department of Agriculture. Camel Safari’s second location in Bellingham, Washington has been open for more than three years and has garnered high praise from reviewers both online and offline. Standout features include a clear display of love and care for the animals, the opportunity to pet and photograph the camels, clean facilities, courteous and well-educated staff, and a wealth of fascinating facts and artifacts related to camels throughout history.


Camel Safari provides detailed information and takes reservations for all activities online at Reservations are required to visit the ranch. For questions regarding events, talent, advertising, and partnerships please call (800) 836-4036.

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