Letter from the Mayor

StGeorgeCityLogoOver the last two years, the city council and I along with the city management team and many of our city employees, went through a process of considering what we’re all about as a city. We did this to help us define our mission, vision, and values, and to better brand our city.


What you might have seen last year was a new city logo appear gradually on city vehicles, at city hall, on our letterhead, and on some city uniforms. The logo is now reflected in our new city flag. All these things are visible signs of what I hope will be evident in every interaction we all have together. The logo represents the sun, as most who have seen it would know. But it represents other things as well.


The logo resembles a wagon wheel, and is a nod to our heritage. It also looks like a cog or gear, signifying industry and commerce. It could be people standing together in a circle with open arms. It might refer to communication coming in and out of the community. It also reflects brightness, activity, happiness, and optimism.


As we discussed the foundation and pillars of our city, we determined that activity and optimism are two words that describe us as a community. So much of what we do and are can be illustrated within those two words. When you think about what it took to build St. George in the hot and dry desert, it certainly took a lot of work and optimism. Today, many of our residents and visitors are here because of our sunshine and numerous activities. We will continue to build on that, and focus even more on being a healthy, active, and positive community.


We recognize that we still have more to do to meet the needs of our citizens in terms of economic development, housing, and wages, and we continue to keep our eyes on the ball when it comes to public safety and infrastructure. I’m confident that, working together, we will be successful. In fact, I think our new city tagline says it best: St. George – the brighter side!



Mayor Jon Pike

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