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Spring into DIY

by Jennifer Hammond-Moore


This spring marks my one year anniversary of saying “I do” to my sweetheart. It also is a time of new beginnings and growth. My goal this spring is to continue to upcycle items that have outworn their welcome. What can you do with a wire basket, an old book, and a puzzle other than sending them to the thrift store or add to another pile at the dump? Lets see!


A Tisket, A Tasket – An Adorable Basket

basket 2One of the best things in life is spoiling your granddaughter (or daughter). I love to see mine dressed up for the holidays in bows and frills. Providing them with a basket to match can be priceless. Rather than tossing out the basket that a gift came in, how about upcycling it for an adorable Easter basket or for a flower girl at a wedding?



  • Wire basket
  • 1 ½ yard of tulle fabric
  • 1 yard ½” decorative ribbon
  • Glue gun



  1. Cut tulle into 3” strips – I fold the tulle over to make the cutting easier.
  2. Measure the height of the basket from the top edge to the tabletop you are working on. Double that measurement for the 3” tulle strips. Cut strips. My strips measured 3”x 6”  when done.
  3. Fold the strip in half and feed the loop under the wire edge of the basket from inside the basket to the outside. Place the two ends over the top of the wire edge and through the loop then pull the ends to lock in place over the wire edge.
  4. Continue this process around the top edge of the basket.
  5. If you want to place ribbon around the top edge of the tulle, use the hot glue and adhere to the edge in short segments.
  6. Tie a bow, add some grass or treats, and you are done.


Eggs for a Book Worm


table decorationI love to decorate eggs for Easter, but wanted them to be more functional for an adult style centerpiece. I thought what better use for an old book than to borrow a few pages to cover an egg. Since I actually didn’t have any old books at the house I bought one from a thrift store for $1.00. I like to repurpose things from stores that give back to the community or help train the disabled. The book I found was quotes and poems from 1963. I think I spent more time reading it than with the actual DIY.



  • Old book – that won’t make you cry if you tear some of it up
  • 5 or 6 eggs – hollowed out real eggs or plastic eggs
  • Mod podge or glue
  • Small bowl for glue mixture
  • Dish with ½” of water
  • Paper towel or dry dish towel
  • 1” paint brush or styrofoam brush



  1. Hollow out eggs using a small drill bit at the end of the egg. I only opened one end of the egg and used a small medicine syringe to remove the egg from inside. Rinse the inside of the egg with water, using the syringe again. Let dry overnight. Excess water in the eggs will prevent paper from drying properly.
  2. Tear book pages into 1/3” pieces horizontally following the text.
  3. Place paper pieces in the water dish. Remove one piece and set on a paper towel to remove excess water.
  4. Run the piece through the glue mixture wiping off any excess glue on the edge of the bowl.
  5. Wrap it around the egg.
  6. Continue wrapping the egg with paper until it is completely covered. Let dry.
  7. When fully dry, eggs can be wiped with brown paint and wiped off to create an antique look. I brushed mine with gold paint for a more radiant effect.
  8. Add to a centerpiece or Easter basket.


A Puzzle With Purposepuzzle

I have lined picture frames with colored puzzle pieces before, but this was a fun idea to celebrate our anniversary. I loved this saying about all of the pieces that go into a relationship. I think the best part of this project was putting the puzzle together. If you don’t have a puzzle handy, they are generally very cheap at a thrift store.



  • A small puzzle- 10” x 11” or 12” – smaller pieces under 1” are recommended
  • Gold or silver spray paint
  • Picture frame that is at least 1” larger than completed puzzle
  • Clear-drying glue
  • Poster board or mat board that is cut to the size of picture frame
  • Printed or hand written quote: “Love is like a puzzle…hard to piece together but beautiful when all the right pieces are put together.”



  1. Assemble the puzzle on a piece of poster board or cardboard.
  2. Lightly spray paint the assembled puzzle. Add a second coat if needed.
  3. Allow to dry completely.
  4. Determine the puzzle shape you want at the bottom of the frame. Take out puzzle pieces that you do not need to glue down; they will be used for the heart.
  5. Starting from the bottom corner, glue one or two pieces down at a time on the mat board. I kept the puzzle together right next to the frame and glued across the bottom first then up the side.
  6. Create the shape of the heart, then glue down on the board. Make a second layer on the heart to fill in more of the open spaces. If your frame is deep enough, you can do a third layer on the heart.
  7. Either print a saying or handwrite a note next to the heart. Glue to the board.
  8. Let dry completely and place back in frame.


I love to hear how others have celebrated their milestones or how someone has upcycled. If you get a chance, share your stories with View On Magazine.  

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