Why I love Southern Utah

received_961396603996196 (1)Beginning a new chapter in my life was scary and exciting at the same time. I was making a big change in every aspect of my life. I chose southern Utah mainly because three of my six children and five of my six grandchildren live here. I wanted and needed to be close. What I found was an even greater blessing.

One year ago, on October 1 , I opened my wellness center here so that I could be a tool in other people’s healing. What I found was, I was the one being healed. Each day as I drive around this amazing place, I find myself with tears in my eyes and genuine gratitude for living in such an amazingly beautiful place with incredible people and a great sense of unity and family. But most of all for me, it is a place of safety, security, and healing. I am home! I love southern Utah!


Stephanie Parrish

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