Why I Love Kanab

I was born and raised in Washington state. But as our young family grew, my husband and I began thinking about finding a more affordable place to raise our two active sons where we could own our home and have animals. My husband had good memories of the time he spent as a kid in southern Utah, so we all came to visit here and really liked it. I loved Washington and the ocean, so southern Utah had to be something very special or I just couldn’t have moved. It was!IMG_4552


Now, we are here and we love everything about it. Kanab has just enough of everything we want and need. The schools, the library, great local hikes just outside the door, and remarkable, helpful, and generous people make it almost perfect. And we can have animals! So far, we have a few cats, a dog, and chickens. We just planted fruit trees in front of the house. I sell eggs to neighbors and local restaurants, and hopefully, we will be doing solar soon so this will be a postage stamp sustainable property. Every morning, when I send the boys off bicycling to school, I know they are safe and I am glad to be here.


~ Lara Terry


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