Why I Love Moapa


“What has kept your family in Moapa Valley for so many years?” As a fourth-generation Moapa Valley resident, the answer is easy. It’s the lifestyle. There is so much to discover and enjoy, on a budget anyone can afford. Of course, there is Valley of Fire State Park, or water sports on Lake Mead, but there is so much more. The Rez, where we love to kayak, swim, and cliff jump is a local favorite. Red Rock, with its sandstone cliffs and orange sand dunes is perfect for four-wheeling, hiking, camping, rappelling, and rock climbing. Our family favorite is running down the steep, 150-foot sand dune known as Easter Egg. Jump Back is one of the many mesas surrounding our valley. What makes this mesa so unique is the soft blanket of sand surrounding the ledge. Take an exhilarating leap off the edge, and you can fly for just a moment. The River, located on the back side of the mesa is the latest addition to our list of favorites. So, the next time you pass through, stay a while, venture off the beaten path, and fall in love with Moapa Valley!


~ Brooklyn Pulsipher Redd


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