Why I Love Kanab


Why I Love Kanab


I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but grew up mostly in Santa Cruz, California with my seven siblings. Our family moved back to Utah, and in one crazy year I went from surfboarding in California to playing football for the Kanab High School Cowboys.

After high school, I returned to California and completed my Master Music Composition degree. For years afterward, I worked as a rock ‘n’ roll musician out of Los Angeles, and even went to Helsinki, Finland to teach at the Helsinki Pop and Jazz Conservatory.

Returning from Finland, I came back to visit my mother in Kanab and decided to stay. Kanab is the most beautiful, quiet, and inspiring place. I have gone from being a rock ‘n’ roll musician to being a park ranger for the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, a real shift in my life. My wife and I run a little Bed and Breakfast here in Kanab, and together we are living the good life: Good job, good wife, and a good home with a large garden, orchard, and all our rescue animals, Dirty-Face Kirby, O’No Jacob, Black Pearl, and Shanti-Deva. We built a traditional Finnish sauna, and there are also ponds on our high-desert property. Every year the garden gets bigger and better, and my wife says more challenging. What more could a person want? As a Buddhist, I believe this is the perfect place to live for meditation, discovering peace, and enjoying growth.

My wife reminds me that when I met her here, I said that if life got any brighter I would be wearing sunglasses all the time. Guess I’d better invest in a few good pairs of shades.

~ Russell BeesleyRuss with Cukes


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