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ARTe Gallery introduces ARTe Mobile Picture FramingWhat happened in Vegas eighteen years ago just couldn’t stay in Vegas. So, the success was reinvented in southern Utah.

ARTé owners, Philip and Brenda Moulton, now in their nineteenth year, opened their St. George location in 2008. It was a mediocre one hundred square foot office space at the old Moore’s Business Forms warehouse. The gallery and framing facility has since evolved to over seventy-five hundred square feet.

“One of our clients in Vegas was the magician Steve Wyrick. We built, transported, and installed huge canvas art pieces for his unique home. Our son, Bryan, and I climbed two ladders to install seven-by-ten foot framed canvases onto a twenty foot wall. The magician was impressed with our own bit of magic,” said Philip.

ARTé Gallery of St. George now offers Mobile Picture Framing services. Similar to other mobile services, the ARTé box van, colorfully designed by muralist Joni Haws, and equipped with hundreds of mat and frame samples, travels on request to homes and offices. “The colors and lighting at a client’s location are different from that at our framing counter,” explains Philip. “This way, we can achieve the very best color matching possible for a particular design look. This innovative concept, which we initiated in Vegas, called ART VISIONS was an instant hit. Designers, homeowners, new businesses, and hotels keep us busy.”-Monkeys in the Kitchen,- by Mia Lana Acosta

ARTé’s mobile van will also pick up or deliver art pieces, mirrors, etc., and provides art installation as well. “We have found that many clients would prefer to have a mobile service assistance, saving time and the hassle of transporting large art or mirrors,” Brenda explains. “We can also provide several art catalogs to those interested in a particular look or color scheme.” Catalogs provide a true color match in their pages, unlike the colors provided via computer screen. There are few monitors that portray the subtleties of color in artworks, whereas catalogs are very true to color.

Another unique feature of ARTé is its recent and ongoing showcasing of local high school artworks. Artist Emily Shumacher of Tuacahn High School now works part time at ARTé Gallery.

The newest and most exciting protege of ARTé is Mia Lana Acosta of Las Vegas. “Rarely do I encounter and instruct art students of Mia’s caliber,” Philip says. At age thirteen she has completed her first refined art piece called Monkeys in the Kitchen, and has created an edition of only ten of this whimsical pencil art piece. This is just the beginning of the great works to be presented by Mia, a very dedicated young artist.

ARTé, the urban style gallery, with over five hundred works of art, along with affordable framing, is constantly using its space and creative juices in unique and productive ways. From birthday parties to wine clubs, it is a great spot for business or private parties, recitals, etc. Book a free event at a great location by calling Philip and Brenda.

In such a computerized and competitive business world, business owners like the Moultons are finding ways to raise eyebrows while raising their bottom line. Homeowners know what they want, and motivated specialists can assist in their choices in completing home or office design. ARTé suggests to stay local when choosing to better benefit our communities. ARTé can be contacted at 435-862-0303. They are located at 415 S. Dixie Drive, St. George, Utah. You can find them on the web at,

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