New Mesquite Library

More Possibilities, More Opportunities

by Dr. Ronald R. Heezen, Executive Director Las Vegas-Clark County Library District

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As the summer season draws to a close, we look forward with boundless excitement to the opening of our new Mesquite Library Campus. The groundbreaking was only a few months ago, but already construction has begun and we can start to envision just how much good it will do for such a deserving community.

“Giving this library to the people of Mesquite will be a fantastic feeling,” said Library District Board Chair Randy Ence. “It is going to enhance this community in so many beneficial ways. In the past, whenever a popular Las Vegas-Clark County Library District program came to the Mesquite Library, Branch Manager Judith Sargent had to go in search of event space to accommodate the crowd. The current library building just didn’t have room for the sizeable audiences that draw from the growing Mesquite community. My leadership team and I have always been so grateful that organizations in Mesquite have pitched in over the years with extra meeting space to help support the local library’s efforts.”

The best news yet is that when the new Mesquite Library is completed, the multipurpose room will be able to host musical performances, author visits, children’s events, educational workshops, and more!

We are ensuring that all of the technology being installed in this new building will be the most efficient and most user-friendly available. We will also feature self-service kiosks, which will print receipts for all materials borrowed to allow our Mesquite customers to independently check out their books, movies, or music at their convenience. When those items are due back, we know it is not the most pleasant experience to run inside, return your materials, and then discover that your car has become a four door oven! So, we are also installing a drive-up window at the new library that will allow customers to return items with ease in the much more enjoyable shade.

We have a tremendous amount of support coming from the community here in Mesquite, and not just from parents or retirees. Teens and children are just as excited as they see the new library under construction, anticipating the fun times they will have there and the many chances to discover something new. They are our future and this library is a critical investment in that future. The current Mesquite Library often has so many eager young minds at its doors that children and teens must take turns using the computers, not just for enjoyment, but for studying and homework help with programs like Brainfuse.

While that is a very sweet image – children learning to share and such – we believe young minds need more than education to grow. They need space to grow.

So, we have given the new library campus not one, but two homework spaces – one singularly for children and another singularly for teens. There will be laptops dedicated to homework that children can check out, freeing up the desktop computers for even more children to enjoy. Teens will be given creative rule over their space to make it their own haven – for homework, reading, crafting, or hanging out together.

These spaces will give the families of Mesquite more than a new building filled with books, but also the newest thinking and ideas for library spaces from across the country. One example is our first ever library café, where you can refuel with a yummy selection of food and beverages. On hot summer days you can cool off inside with a refreshing drink, and in the winter, you can snuggle up with a good read and a warm cup of hot chocolate. The café area will be equipped with three display cases where local 3-D artwork and other various exhibit pieces may be viewed.

We are building a friendly, engaging community space for Mesquite that we hope will return the friendship, support, creativity, and inspiration that all of you have given us.

Randy shared the following reflection with me recently, “Every Las Vegas-Clark County Library District branch is special, but this branch is going to have such a positive effect on our community – more events, more possibilities, more opportunities – that I am more excited than ever before.”

Now, as the foundation is being poured and the walls are going up, the new Mesquite Library Campus will soon be ready! We know that this new space will lend a vibrancy and energy to the community that echoes your own strengths, hopes, and dreams. That day in spring 2018 when we open its doors for the first time will be a day of great celebration, and one that Mesquite richly deserves.

For a tour of the new library, please visit

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