Rising Star Sports Ranch

Rising Star Sports Ranch in Position to be the Region’s Home for Court Sports

by Cassandra Cousineau

The opening of the fieldhouse was a game changer for Rising Star Sports Ranch and the City of Mesquite. On any given week throughout the year, The Ranch opens the doors of its climate-controlled, indoor facility to teams and coaches from across the region. The brand-new 30,000 square foot building, affectionately called The Barn, is situated within walking distance from Old Mill, Pioneer Memorial, and almost 40 other fields and courts.

For over a decade now, the City of Mesquite, has been working towards positioning itself as a sports destination in the southwest. The addition of the new field house at The Ranch and the new state of the art gymnasium at Virgin Valley High School makes Mesquite not just a destination for field sports, but court sports as well. Court sports encompass indoor events like basketball, volleyball, cheer, wrestling, and martial arts, as well as pickleball.

In addition to courts, The Barn has the ability to be configured with turf, allowing for sports such as soccer, lacrosse, football, and baseball to train and compete indoors when needed, to neutralize the effect of inclement weather.

Your New Home for Court Sports

Already the Nevada destination for Nike’s only overnight sports camps, The Ranch has provided a coordinated strategy bringing teams and visitors to the region. Driven by a vision to improve the overall travel experience, The Ranch COO, Andre Carrier, has emphasized the ability to package the “family experience” for athletes and parents.

“Nothing is more valuable than your time with your children. The Ranch was designed and built to make the most of that time. By moving fields and courts closer to the hotel rooms, time is given back for post-game fun. Time is given back for kids to be kids. Time is given back for mom and dad to be on vacation with their kids.”

Having reached its one-year anniversary, The Ranch has been home to Nike Basketball, Softball and Baseball; UNLV volleyball and basketball; the University of Utah Lacrosse; Southern Utah University volleyball; Nevada Youth Sports tackle football; and Planet Athlete, an academy for student athletes training and competing to earn sports scholarships while boarding at the facility. In total, several thousand coaches and families have participated in a camp or tournament hosted by Rising Star Sports Ranch.

Boon in Youth Sports Industry

Youth sports isn’t just a developing market. The cover story in the September issue of Time Magazine cites the U.S. youth-sports economy as a $15 billion market, with 55 percent growth since 2010, according to Winter Green Research, a private firm that tracks the industry.

The youth sports industry has been the most stable, dedicated, and ever-growing industry, especially the last few years. Cities across the country aim to appeal to travel teams with new facilities or special amenities. But only a handful of locations, including Rising Star Sports Ranch offer the full package: Competitive tournaments, great sporting traditions, and multiple opportunities for families to have fun and make new memories.

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