Spilsbury Mortuary

Decades of Service to Families in Need

by Callie Clark

Owners/Operators of Spilsbury Mortuary, Ted Spilsbury; wife, Vivian; and daughter, Jody Spilsbury.

LeGrande Spilsbury graduated from mortuary school in 1939, and worked at the Aultorest Mortuary and Cemetery in Ogden, Utah as an intern. Seventy-five years later, his granddaughter, Jody Spilsbury Snow graduated from mortuary school. The Spilsbury family has spent decades in the funeral industry. “I was raised in the mortuary business. I saw the love and commitment that my grandfather and my dad have shown to families that are grieving,” said Jody. “And to be able to help someone through the worst possible time in their lives is really just very rewarding.”

After working in Cedar City for a few years, on May 9, 1951, LeGrande purchased the Pickett Funeral Home owned by the Pickett family in St. George. He went on to open locations in Washington County (Hurricane), Kane County (Kanab), and Iron County (Cedar City and Parawon).

LeGrande’s son, Ted graduated from mortuary school in 1968, and in 1974 moved his family to St. George to run the Washington County operations. LeGrande’s son-in-law, Clark Graff took over the Iron county operations. The Kanab location was sold to the Mosdell family in the early 1980s.

Spilsbury Mortuary was originally located next to Bateman Pharmacy, now known as Stapley Pharmacy, behind Zion’s Bank. It was part of the original center of downtown that also included the post office, Dick’s Café, and Center Department Store. Spilsbury Mortuary remained there until 1996 when it moved to its current location on Bluff Street. Over the years, the name has changed a few times, but today it is once again known simply as Spilsbury Mortuary.

Standing majestically on a hilltop in front of a blazing red bluff backdrop, surrounded by lush green lawns and trees, Spilsbury Mortuary is perhaps one of the most beautiful professional buildings in the St. George area. Inside, you will find peace and serenity as you work with professionals who know and understand the sorrow that comes with the death of a loved one. Ted says, “Every family deserves our very best effort day and night. They are counting on us to step up, and to do so with love in our hearts.” His father told him many times, “Remember Ted, serve from your heart. Each family deserves your very best performance regardless of means or position.” That philosophy lives on.

The staff at Spilsbury Mortuary will gently lead you through the details and final arrangements that will bring comfort to your family. Regardless of tradition, religious beliefs, and changing funeral trends, they are able and willing to facilitate the desires and needs of your family, to help you find peace and closure. From elaborate to simple, options are available for every need.

As this holiday season of laughter, lights, and joy approaches, they realize many families are not feeling the joy of the holidays. This can be a sad time of year for those dealing with the loss of loved ones. “This holiday season, may you be ever so blessed to enjoy family, friends, and good health,” said Ted. “May we all reach out to those in need, whatever their burdens might be.”

After being in the mortuary business for over 75 years, the Spilsbury family knows what it takes to help families through what is often the most difficult time in life. “We are here to serve, and would like to extend the invitation for you to visit and to see and feel what the Spilsbury family has to offer,” said Ted. “In our foyer stands the Come Unto Me monument that reflects the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Ted and Vivian, Jody, and their entire mortuary family wish each of you the most joyous of holidays and the best that the new year has to offer.

For more information, please call our St. George location at (435) 673-2454, or our Hurricane location at (435) 635-2212. Visit our website at spilsburymortuary.com, or our Facebook page.

Spilsbury Mortuary provides a chapel on site for families that need a more spiritual experience.


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