Why I Love Ivins

In Ivins, I have discovered a magical haven nestled near inspiring red mountain views. Among this desert paradise, there are many trails to enjoy a quick, or long, adventure with easy access to petroglyphs, panoramic views accompanied by breathtaking sunsets, and crisp sunrises. Each time my children and I get out and wander, we are in awe as we find a plethora of wildlife that adds extra excitement and a deeper connection to nature. Most commonly, we encounter tortoises, lizards, hummingbirds, and a variety of dragonflies. We love the sense of community we feel each time we visit the farmers market, small shops, or stroll through Kayenta Art village where we get to know the local owners and browse a variety of handmade creations. During the hot months, the Ivins City Reservoir serves as a welcome spot to build sandcastles while cooling off and getting a free pedicure from the cool sandy waterfront. Personally, I have found it hard to keep my own creative juices at bay, as it is so easy to feel inspired, whether through creating art, drum making, bird watching, or simple writings inspired by the calming beauty around. We love our little oasis in Ivins. It provides a sense of living in our own little world with access to the larger city amenities just a few miles away.

~ Hollie Hope

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