Why I Love Mesquite

We moved to Mesquite from Bountiful, Utah 16 years ago. Over this period of time, we have grown to love everything about this wonderful town. The residents are so friendly, share family values, and strive to help one another. Mesquite works hard to instill a sense of community, and that shows in the respect and pride that radiates throughout town. Our town is so laid back from our neighboring big cities to the north and south, but we are thankful to have them close.

This beautiful desert valley has a rich history which the local residents are so proud of. Plus, living here you know you are going to get an encore presentation everyday with beautiful sunrises and brilliant sunsets against the tall palm trees and bluffs. You come to find out that the desert has its own unique beauty for each season.

GOLF. What a wonderful four letter word! We are blessed with over 300 days of sunshine each year, and we don’t have to schedule our passion around snow, ice, or frost. We have seven amazing courses within a 15 minute drive. Now that is paradise!

Being the resort manager for Masters Villas, a Five Star timeshare resort here in Mesquite, for the past 16 years, has introduced us to countless visitors who come to stay in Mesquite for their vacation week. We are proud to say that we know of at least 40 individuals who, after experiencing this little Gem in the Desert for one week, have chosen to purchase homes here either as a second home or to live out their retirement years.

Thankfully, as we learned many years ago, unless you venture off that freeway exit and explore around a little bit, you will never know the magic of Mesquite. That’s why We Love Mesquite!

~ Rick and Marlene Jones


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