Why I Love Moapa Valley

This is an early-rise, hard-working, close-knit community with people who love you. Community and church members help steer your children in the right direction. They are kind. They do their best to accept without judging. They are easy to visit with — everywhere you go. When there is a fire, a flood, or a tragedy, true religion — of all denominations — shines.

There is a reverse sunrise every evening. We ride 4-wheelers to the post office to get our mail. There are blue days and gold days at the high school, Friday night football games, and traditions that include midnight fire and police department escorts when the state trophy comes home where it belongs.

There are valley wide yard sales, the Pomegranate Festival, and the annual Clark County Fair. This valley runs on volunteers who work countless, tireless hours because they love this valley and its people.

But maybe the best part of living in Moapa Valley is that when your children are raised, if you’re lucky, they come back here to raise your grandchildren.

~Wendy Mulcock



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