Why I Love Washington City

I love Washington City, with its hometown feeling and welcoming vibe. It provides a safe environment where neighborhood kids can make friends and experience the idyllic childhood we all wish for our children.

Washington City is steeped in tradition with its Cotton Days celebration and Days of ’47, and the city’s youth sports program is well-run and popular. The facilities are tremendous. The new Sullivan Virgin River Soccer Park is top notch and the Washington City Community Center is almost always abuzz with a wide variety of events such as Movies in the Park, a popular summertime event. It brings families together and – more importantly – gets them out of the house.

Want to experience some calm in your hectic life? Take a stroll around Washington City’s little downtown near dusk and hop over to the tree lined Veterans Park during the gathering twilight. Then as you work your way through the quirky neighborhoods within Washington City, notice the occasional nod to the city’s glorious agricultural past. As you get your exercise, take a break from stimuli. Take that music out of your ear. Don’t look at your phone. Keep your head up. And smile. It’s very likely someone is just waiting to say, “Hi.”

~David Cordero


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