Women of Pride and Passion

Women of Pride and Passion, This is for You!

The passion that women put into themselves can carry over into the pride they have in their homes. You can change any room in your home with simple ideas. Just like changing a lip gloss!

The living room is the room we showcase for visitors. It reflects our changing tastes and changing lifestyles. It is a room that can easily feel dated and cluttered. While swapping out a sofa is not something most of us can do regularly, here are four easy steps to freshening up your space:

#1. Declutter

Do a serious inventory of your living room and ask yourself, “Is this something I truly love?” “Is this something that I use?” If the answer is, “No,” donate the item. Creating more breathing space is often the best change we can make to a room. Practice controlled clutter with collectibles, family photos, or collections.

#2. Change Accent Pillows

Something as simple as changing your accent pillows can make a big difference, from the color scheme to the overall look of your sofa and chairs. For example, you can move from orange/reds to blue/greys, from floral to modern. I’ll bet at least one person will say, “Did you get a new sofa?”

#3. Improve Lighting

Daytime lighting should be as natural as possible, so look for ways to increase natural light by removing obstacles that may be blocking light, heavy window treatments, furniture in front of windows. Lighting can be improved by changing the placement of your lighting or by using a lower wattage light bulb

#4.Update Artificial Greenery and Florals

These plants seem to age after a few years in both style and quality. New greenery does amazing things for your room. Out with the old.     

The biggest challenge these days is the internet. People have so many choices of places and ways to buy since the invention of online buying.  You cannot really buy interior design online, although we have seen people try. We specialize in hands-on design with the ability to show people a lot of things in person in order to see and touch fabrics and leathers. There is no substitute for that.

Here at High Desert Home Furnishings, we have been providing gorgeous and unique home furnishings, accessories, and interior design for the past twelve years. We are a brick-and-mortar store with a lot of great inventory that can be purchased right off the showroom floor, or can be custom ordered as well. We want people to have great pride in their homes, and have the homes reflect who they are. That is our goal. We have an amazing staff of talented and capable designers and a great delivery team.

Visit High Desert Home Furnishings at 550 W. Pioneer Blvd., Mesquite, Nevada or call (702) 704-3271.

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