Coyote Willows Golf Course

The Little Golf Course that Could

Coyote Willows is a family friendly, 9-hole, 35 par public golf course located at 426 Hagen’s Alley, with the entrance at 880 West Hafen Lane, Mesquite, Nevada. Coyote Willows is a small course that is big on stimulating holes and tee boxes for the seasoned golfer, but is also enticing to those who are learning and wish to play 9 holes at a 9-hole price of $25.

Back in the day, Coyote Willows Golf Course was cattle pasture and hay fields owned by Gary and Monta Hafen. As Gary and Monta aged, farming and ranching became too difficult. They decided to go into partnership with their daughter and son-in-law, Sondra and Jay Holmstead, and formed ZMH Development, Inc. to develop Coyote Willows Community and Golf Course on the land where their pasture used to be. In May 2003, the final maps were filed with the city and ground was broken for the project to begin.

The golf course was finally completed in February 2005, and Coyote Willows was ready for its grand opening when the 100-year flood of the Virgin River occurred, submerging four holes along the river. The course was severely damaged.

Coyote Willows Golf Course did manage to open, offering 5-hole golf, played twice, to make the 9-hole course. Finally in April 2008, the holes were reconfigured, and by July the 9-hole course was taking shape again.

Unfortunately, the recession had hit Nevada, and house sales were dropping. Coyote Willows Housing Community was slumping and the money to rebuild the golf course was waning. By October 2008, all employees of Coyote Willows Development and Golf Course were regrettably laid off.

Sadly, between the economic slump and the rebuild costs, ZMH Development Inc. was exhausted and the bank foreclosed in April 2009. Coyote Willows residents, Chuck Horn, Tony Evans, and Gerry Hart rallied volunteers to help maintain and keep the course open until a new buyer could be found. Saul Gutierrez, the course supervisor, and the volunteers worked together to repair the course. Once again in September 2010, Coyote Willows Golf reopened as a 9-hole course.

Nature again, however, had a different plan. In December 2010, a 150-year flood hit. The flood, which lasted for over a week, damaged holes 3, 4 and 7. Once again, volunteers rallied to save the course, this time lead by Roy Zbinden and Judy Hart. The damage wasn’t as devastating as the 2005 flood, and by Spring 2011, the course was playing 9-holes. After 9 years of donations and strictly volunteer manpower, this little golf course and its volunteers just wouldn’t give up, earning it the title of “ The Little Golf Course that Could.”

After nine years of volunteering with no surety of the future, the volunteers were growing tired. That’s when Coyote Willow homeowners, Don and Maureen Hembree, and Mark and Shari Ellingson, joined by Bradly and Mary Shurtleff of Mesquite, Nevada, John Roth of Casper Wyoming, Chris Roth of Fort Collins, Colorado, and another silent investor from Mesquite, Nevada came together to form CW Investment Group, LLC, and purchased Coyote Willows Golf Course in September 2017.

Coyote Willows Golf Course is now a public golf course, and a separate entity of Coyote Willows Housing Development. Each investor brings their past business experience to the course, and big changes can be expected over the next few months, as the course takes on its new shape.

Saul Gutierrez, superintendent of the course, with the consulting expertise of John Roth and Don Hembree, has the course looking like a smooth velvety green carpet.

Coyote Willows has many ponds and roughs. Due to the locations of the tee boxes, one can easily play 18 holes on this 9-hole course and never play the same game twice. Coyote Willows offers walking rates and youth rates. Coyote Willows has also purchased gas carts for more reliability.

The golf shop, managed by Laura Findlay, offers logo-ed merchandise of hats, shirts, gloves, and balls. They also have snacks and cold drinks for golfers as well.

Coyote Willows offers league play Monday mornings for women, Wednesday and Saturday mornings for mixed leagues, and Thursday morning for men’s league. Come join us.

Coyote Willows still depends on its volunteer base to keep things running smoothly. The new owners wish to thank all the volunteers, our golfing base, and Mesquite for their continued dedication and support of Coyote Willows Golf Course. We couldn’t be doing this without you! We look forward to hearing from all of you and making new friends along the way. Our Grand Opening with Ribbon Cutting will be on February 16, 2018 at 12:15 PM. There will be drawings of free golf and merchandise to those who attend. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who made Coyote Willows “The Best 9-Hole Course” in Mesquite.

Coyote Willows Flood 2005 Trackhoe Submerged.
Coyote Willows Flood 2010 Hole #4.


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