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Targeting Pain: Desert Pain Specialists Have Relief in Their Sights

by Linda Faas

Dr. Spencer Wells, MD, beams as he shows off the expansive new offices of Desert Pain Specialists (DPS) at 340 Falcon Ridge Parkway, Suite 603, Mesquite, Nevada. “We are happy to add new capacity. Our new location places us in the heart of Mesquite’s medical district,” he explains. “This expansion helps us to better serve our Mesquite area patients.”

Wells and the Desert Pain Specialists group have served Mesquite for over six years, giving area residents quicker access to pain management facilities. The DPS group operates offices in St. George, Hurricane, Kanab, and Cedar City, Utah, as well as Mesquite. Wells has led the Mesquite office since it opened, and he proudly points out that they now offer Monday through Friday hours. “When we opened six years ago, we served Mesquite only two days a week, but our patient base has grown, and we have been able to expand our staff and hours.”

Pain management providers are specifically trained to diagnose and treat pain symptoms. Unlike other diseases, there may be no specific blood tests or imaging tests which definitively diagnose the root cause of the pain. Additionally, every person’s experience with pain is unique and requires a customized approach to treatment.

Wells explains his clinic is not a primary care medical facility. Many of his patients are referred by other physicians, although referral is not required. He explains that diagnosis and treatment of pain is accomplished through a thorough physical examination. Radiographic imaging is helpful in confirming specific diagnoses and ruling out other problems. DPS uses state-of-the-art fluoroscopic analysis when imaging is needed to support a comprehensive treatment plan.

“As a physician, I seek to use the least invasive treatment possible to relieve pain symptoms,” explains Wells. “There are four levels of treatment that we might recommend, starting with physical therapy, including massage, acupressure, or chiropractic manipulation, as the least invasive level. The next level is oral medicine, followed by injected medicines, and finally the possibility of surgical procedures.” DPS refers patients to other physicians and surgeons when a diagnosis confirms that need.

Wells is a firm advocate of movement as a pain preventative. He sees an active lifestyle as one way to keep one’s body fit and resistant to potential hazards that can bring on pain. Along that same line, he sees physical activity as a key form of pain treatment, to the extent that a patient is able to follow a regimen that can improve muscle strength and keep joints limber. “Good health can be maintained longer when a person takes responsibility to follow a healthy lifestyle. We now live longer. We need to do our best to make our body last as long as we can. Wear and tear on bones and joints will cause pain to occur.” Wells praises aquatic exercise for its healthful benefits for young and old.

DPS uses a multidisciplinary approach to patient care. When appropriate, oral medications may be prescribed. As a fully licensed medical doctor, Wells administers pain relieving injections if such treatment is chosen by the patient after consultation.

“It is worth knowing that we are able to provide shots to those who might benefit from immediate and long term relief from Shingles.” He is quick to say that injections are not a cure for that condition, but those who suffer from the disease know the need to reduce the pain it causes.

DPS also employs injections to relieve spinal compression. Application of a medical cement and spinal cord stimulation can substitute a pleasant sensation that relieves pain. DPS uses X-ray-guided injection procedures to bring the best results. DPS also offers a minimally invasive procedure for lumbar spinal stenosis that puts patient comfort and safety first. A complete description of their wide range of treatment options is provided when a patient visits the DPS office for diagnosis and consultation.

Successful treatment of the underlying cause of pain and relieving symptoms is the goal that Desert Pain Specialists works to achieve for each patient. “We recommend early treatment. The earlier we address the problem, the more likely it is that we will be able to treat it adequately.”

If you have pain, don’t wait. Make an appointment for an evaluation. Appointments can be requested online at or by calling (435) 216-7000. To contact the Mesquite office directly, call (702) 346-5037.


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