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Hello! I am Janel Ralat, a professional organizer and founder of One Organized Mama, LLC. It is a great honor to be a contributor to View On Magazine.

One Organized Mama was created in 2012 when I was a working mom of three in search of a flexible employment opportunity. I had a strong desire to help others, and through good ol’ fashioned hard work, was blessed to create and grow this wonderful business.

So why professional organizing? During those years commuting to work, getting three kids off to school/daycare, then reversing the commute in the afternoon, life was extremely hectic. Despite this, I was determined to make family dinners a priority most nights, and kiddo’s sport/dance uniforms were usually clean. Occasionally, someone would comment to me about being an organized mom. I would just laugh it off and think to myself, “They haven’t seen the inside of my linen closet!” After all, I am a girl who prides herself on being spontaneous and being organized sounded so stuffy and boring.

One day as I balanced a potluck casserole in one hand walking into work, I overheard a coworker comment that organization was simply how you managed your life. Light bulb moment! It was then I realized organization isn’t about a life filled with perfectly folded fitted sheets. Organization is about creating systems in your life that give you more time. I was good at managing my time, and I could finally admit, “Yeah, I’m pretty organized.” I embraced those organized mom comments and came up with the catchy little phrase, “One Organized Mama.” From that point forward, I researched every home organization philosophy and simplified our process into four little steps we call our One Organized System. These steps can be applied to any project from kitchens to garages to paperwork. We even apply them to assisting our clients with event, travel and move planning.

Declutter & Sort

Create A Zone

Label & Contain

Teach & Maintain

Step one: Declutter & Sort, is the stage where you’re faced with prioritizing your stuff. As we help our clients purge and pare down their belongings, you’ll often hear one of our organizers say, “If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority.” This can be a difficult stage, so a professional organizer must have a balance of compassion and dedication to walk clients through the step.

Step two: once it’s been determined what stays and what goes we get into zoning. This is the planning stage. Zoning is simply taking into consideration space limitations, need, frequency of use, and sentimentality. As organizers, our job is to map out the space for placement and storage. Measurements will be taken, that over-sized appliance sitting on your kitchen counter will get a little more scrutiny, and if it is still a keeper, our job is to find it a home.

Step three: is everyone’s favorite step! The step where you get to put stuff in pretty little containers and attach cute labels, usually. We’ll guide you on what to consider when choosing labels and containers. It’s important to label your spice cabinet, but no need to label the rice container sitting in your pantry. (We get it. It’s rice.) Let’s not get label crazy. Our job is to keep you in check.

Step four: it’s important to keep that neat and tidy space maintained. We teach fun and easy tricks such as our Timer Technique, and kids love a 20-Minute Tidy!! What about when that clutter eventually begins to pile up again? We encourage a monthly purge (Step 1). Once a space is tidy, we repeat the first three steps to maintain. Your organization systems should be simple and manageable.

One Organized Mama’s purpose is to make organization accessible to as many people as possible through classes, consultations, colorful printables/guides, and our P.O.I.S.E. Organizer program.

Organization is simply the relationship between our stuff and our time.

I leave you with this one simple tip:

Set the timer on your phone for 20 minutes. Grab a trash bag and a laundry basket. Walk around your home and place trash in the bag and items that can be donated into the basket. Once your timer dings, it’s time to stop. Take out the trash and place those donations in your car ready to drop off tomorrow.

Congratulations, you’ve just completed your first TIMER TECHNIQUE.

Until next time.


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