Why I Love Moapa Valley


We came to Moapa Valley 22 years ago seeking a slower lifestyle for our family of seven. My husband’s business was located in Las Vegas, and since Moapa Valley was only an hour away, it felt like the perfect fit.

Fast forward 22 years. We came to Moapa Valley seeking a slower pace, which we found – but we also found so much more.  We found a community of people willing to put themselves out there for others. A community that, no matter what your circumstances are, is willing to come together for a neighbor in need. I have attended many community barbecues, carwashes, etc., whose proceeds provided for a local person or family struggling with the misfortunes of life.

Although life has not been perfect, it has been good. Our children have all grown up and moved away, yet Moapa Valley remains the home of their hearts. It is in this desert surrounded by mesas that we found, not just a home, but a life worth living.  


~Julie Masters

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