Why I Love St. George



Why do I love living in southern Utah? Easy. It’s the most incredible place on earth, though I should probably give some context to my answer. My wife Lyndsey and I moved here in May of 2017 to pursue a career with Merrill Lynch. We come from the tundra, Provo, Utah. I was tired of sketchy road conditions and shoveling snow. We’ve always been drawn to southern Utah. Both of us frequently vacationed here with our families while growing up. This place is just beautiful in every respect. The people, landscape, and family-oriented atmosphere are priceless pieces of this work of art. The harmony between the red rocks and crystal blue sky entices us daily. You could be golfing one minute and skiing the next. The growth of southern Utah really should appeal to any young family looking for change and opportunity. I could go on and on about my love for southern Utah. It is flat-out, the best!


~Marc Cabanilla

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