Pedego Electric Bikes

by Angie Lairmore

Howard Ickes, owner of Pedego Henderson/Las Vegas Electric Bikes, founded his electric bike company seven years ago. Howard graduated with a bachelor of science degree in air conditioning/refrigeration engineering from Cal Poly, located in San Luis Obispo, California. Howard was hired by Carrier Air Conditioning Company where he worked for eight years. He and his family moved to Las Vegas in 1972, where Howard started his own company. His business was successful, with final year sales by the business of over 18 million dollars.

Howard and his wife Sherry then traveled the globe and played golf for ten years during 2001 through 2011. One day, while in San Diego visiting a Farmer’s Market in Little Italy, they met a vendor selling electric bikes. This was their introduction to the world of electric bikes. He and his wife test-rode the bikes, and thoroughly enjoyed them. Sherry said, “We should get a couple of these.”

When they got back to their home in Henderson, Howard called the Pedego Factory. He had no idea he was speaking to Terry Sherry, one of the owners. Howard asked how many electric bikes he would need to buy to become a Pedego dealer. He met the requirement, and has been selling an increasing number of Pedego Electric Bikes ever since. Among his many awards, he was named Mr. Electric Bike at the 2015 Pedego dealer meeting, and was one of the top ten Pedego dealers in the country in 2016. In 2017, Pedego Henderson was named the number two Pedego dealer in the country.

Howard’s Pedego Henderson facility is over ten thousand square feet. There are four full-time Pedego Henderson office team members, and a dozen event specialists who add to the fun and are great assets to the corporation. “We pride ourselves in our unequivocal customer service,” said Howard. “Our elaborate facility, our skillful and enthusiastic team members, our service department, and our huge inventory of electric bikes, parts, and accessories is what makes us special. We’re all about fun, fun, fun! Our building has been named House of Fun!” Howard continues, “That being said, we can only be as good as the manufacturer. Pedego is the number one manufacturer of electric bikes in the country.”

Pedego’s Electric Bikes are better built than those of their competitors, with quality, fun, and comfort in mind. Their factory is located in Fountain Valley, California, which means next-day delivery of parts.

The versatility of their electric bikes is unmatched, from cruisers and Ridge Rider mountain bikes to Trail Trackers with 4-inch tires for snow, sand, and gravel, from Trikes and the Latch folding bikes to numerous high performance models, from cargo bikes to tandems, there is a bike to fit everyone’s needs. They can even teach people how to use their new electric bikes on their Pedego simulator. Pedego Henderson’s showroom has every Pedego Electric bike model on display ready for a test ride, as well as an indoor track so bikes can be tested indoors when outdoor weather is an issue.

Pedego Electric Bikes continues to improve. Howard says, “They are always improving current products and introducing new ones. I just returned from our 2017 dealer meeting, and all attending dealers and distributors were overjoyed at the new colors and products. You’d have to see them to believe it!”

Pedego Henderson Electric Bikes has recently joined the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce. They look forward to helping the residents of Mesquite, Moapa Valley, the Arizona Strip, and southern Utah with their electric bike needs. If you are interested in having a meeting or a gathering of ten or more people, they will bring the Pedego Electric Bikes and supply the food and drinks. Call Howard Ickes, Mr. Electric Bike at (702) 429-2386.

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