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Designing for Fitness Inspiration

by Helen Houston

If you don’t believe Mesquite is fitness crazy, consider the numerous full-facility gyms in town, the yoga classes, swim classes, hiking clubs, bicycle clubs, and let’s not forget CrossFit. Just stand in your front yard during the early morning and be amazed at all those out walking or jogging.

Maybe going to a gym is intimidating or cost-prohibitive. Or perhaps privacy is important when working out, but having an indoor home gym is not an option. Many fitness-minded individuals are recognizing the emerging trend of personal, customized outdoor fitness gyms.

Even a small corner in your backyard can be transformed into a perfect place to stretch, climb, balance, press, push, pull, extend, and even meditate. Enjoy exercise while breathing fresh air in a relaxing, scenic natural environment.

When it comes to equipment, there are many options to choose from. There are companies who will design your outdoor gyms with exercise stations personalized with your fitness goals in mind. The equipment can be clustered in confined areas in your backyard with complete effectiveness. Some stations include a leg press, parallel bars, balance beam, dome climber, chest press, hip twist, sit up bench, and treadmills.

Questions to Consider When Designing Your Outdoor Project

Who will be using the site?

  • What age ranges will your fitness areas serve?
  • How many people should your fitness area be able to serve at one time?
  • Are there people with special needs to consider?

What does the landscape look like?

  • Does the site have space constraints or unique features – walls, trees, fences?
  • Will you need to prepare the site – tree removal, leveling, drainage?

What is the cost?

  • What about a budget?
  • Will you be preparing for an entire project or just equipment?
  • Is this a DIY, or will you be hiring out?

What is your fitness area vision?

  • Do you have a clear vision and objective for the project?
  • What are the specific pieces of equipment you want to include?
  • Does your project have special meaning?

Equipment use, maintenance, and safety.

  • Have you read the instructions and are you thoroughly aware of its proper use?
  • Set up a regular schedule for equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Inspect moving parts and tighten hardware connections.
  • Maintain a level surface.
  • Correctly position sprinklers and water flow for longer equipment life.

Today, we all realize that fitness activities and an active lifestyle are essential to improved health, longevity, and the enjoyment of life. Yet, people become increasingly sedentary. The biggest obstacles remain personal motivation and available opportunities. An outdoor fitness gym could be your first step in the right direction.


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