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by Laura Draskovich

Get Your Best Arms Ever With These Six Arm Exercises.

Shapely arms, including biceps and triceps are an important part of a symmetrical physique. They also look amazing in sleeveless tops when toned and lean! There is no secret when it comes to getting the arms that you want. All it takes is consistency, the right type of exercises, and the right amount of resistance, and you are on your way. Here is a quick guide of some of the best exercises I have used to get my arms in top shape. Let’s get those guns pumping!

I prefer to train my arms directly one day a week for 30-45 minutes. You may prefer to train twice a week. However, giving the muscles enough time in between workouts to rest and rebuild is important. You should wait until you are no longer sore from your previous arm workout before working them out again.

The Basics: Curls and Extensions

Most biceps and triceps routines are based on two exercises: the curl (biceps) and extension (triceps). These exercises work by taking the muscle through their natural function with resistance. Your biceps contract to flex your elbow (bring your hand toward your face) and the triceps contract to extend the elbow (bring your hand back down from your face and straighten your arm). There are many variations of these movements, but the principle is always the same: curls flex the elbow, and extensions extend the elbow.

Whoever said that women should do a lot of reps with zero weight needs to be set straight. If your workout is not hard, you are not going to see results. It is important to say before we get started, that in order to see results, you need to administer enough weight or resistance to challenge the muscle above and beyond its normal physical demands. By using this overload principle, you stimulate the muscle to change. Without it, there is no change.

Example Arm Exercises:


  • Hammer Curl
  • Barbell Curl
  • Incline Curl
  • Cable Curl


  • Overhead dumbbell extension
  • Skull crusher
  • Cable pull-down
  • Kickback

For each muscle group, I recommend doing a super-set. This is completing two exercises back to back with little rest (30 seconds) in between. The rep range for each exercise is 12-15 for three sets. You should “feel the burn” on your last several repetitions of each set to know you have the right amount of weight. Feel free to add a superset of another two exercises to these which I will describe below. Let’s get started!

Triceps. The long muscle along the back of the arm.

  • Tricep Bench Dips: This exercise utilizes your body weight so it can be done anywhere, at home or in the gym. The key is to keep your back close to the bench during your set. Keep your chest up and let your elbows bend behind you as you lower part way down. Do not let your shoulders lift towards your ears. Shorten the range of the lift if this happens.
  • Kickbacks with Dumbbells: This exercise can be done using a bench or standing in a forward tipped position. I will describe the bench option here. Support your body in a neutral spine position so that your core muscles are cinched in. With the free weight in your hand, raise your elbow up past your side and bring the weight to your hip, palm in. This is your Start and End position. Extend your arm straight and return for one rep.

Biceps. The shorter muscle group in comparison to the triceps.

  • Hammer Curl with dumbbells: Good posture is always important, so stand tall with abdominals pulled in and your knees slightly bent. With your hand at your sides, palms facing your body, curl the weights to full range, keeping your elbows at your sides.
  • Barbell Curl: Using an underhand grip on the bar, hands are right below your shoulders. Curl the bar full range, again, keeping your elbows at your sides throughout the repetition.

Bonus: Want sexy shoulders? Try these amazing exercises that will be sure to turn heads! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

  • Lateral Raises: Dumbbells. With straight or bent arms, raise your arms from your sides to shoulder height.
  • Overhead Press: Barbell or dumbbells. With arms out like a goal post, elbows shoulder height and palms forward, press the resistance all the way up then return to start.
  • Upright Row: Barbell or Dumbbell: Palms facing your thighs, lift elbows up, moving the weights up your body. Keep elbows higher than hands during the lift.

Have fun with this arm workout and enjoy having fantastic arms!

Until Next time, Keep Living the Fit Life.


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