Why I Love Moapa Valley


To answer this question of why I love Moapa Valley, I pondered many things. I thought of the quiet rides on my bike out to the Valley of Fire as I enjoyed the solitude of the desert. I thought of herds of wild donkeys and desert bighorn sheep that I had encountered on those rides. I thought of the bold wild turkeys that live in the hay fields along Cooper Street, and the wild geese and ducks at the game farm south of town. I thought of the vast openness of the tens of thousands of acres of undeveloped desert that surrounds us. I thought of the time spent with children, grandchildren, and even alone on Lake Mead — less than 40 minutes away — which is always uncrowded and peaceful, even on holiday weekends. I thought of evenings paddle boarding or kayaking on Bowman Reservoir at the edge of town at sunset. I thought of my favorite shooting range, which is just out my back door, and spending time with my family shooting cans and paper targets. Trying to decide what was the best was difficult, until I thought about the people. Moapa Valley is comprised of the kindest group of people I have ever encountered. It is a true community filled with loving and caring people. Above everything else, my neighbors are first and foremost why I love where I live!

~ Jeff Sommers

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