Shirley Taylor’s Birthday Adventure

Anyone that knows Shirley Taylor knows she never backs down from a challenge or an adventure. Whether she was working the family farm with her dad in Mountain Green, Utah while her brothers were off to World War II, raising five children while working the swing shift at Hill Air Force Base so she could be with the kids during the day and her husband Harold could be with them in the evenings, building a home on their own in Utah, building a retirement home in San Felipe Mexico, hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling, or camping, she was, and is, always ready.

It only took Harold one date to realize Shirley was the one for him. The next date, he asked her to marry him, she said yes, and six weeks later they were married. They were married for 68 years when Harold went on ahead of her five years ago at the age of 94 to prepare the way for their final great adventure.

The last few years of Harold’s life were difficult as he suffered with dementia and failing health, and the adventures slowed down since his death, but did not stop. Last year at her ninetieth birthday party, she took the dare from her 43 grandkids, 47 great grandkids, and three great, great grandkids and slid down a twenty-foot inflatable waterslide!

During a visit with her son and daughter-in-law in Mesquite, Nevada, she found herself watching sky divers. When her son said, “Mom, you should do that,” you could see by the look in her eyes that it was game on. Sure enough, the next afternoon there they were back at the airport getting her rigged up and ready to fly. She never had second thoughts, wasn’t nervous, and never looked back.

The proof was in when she was asked if she was nervous, she said “Well, no. Why would I be nervous? Maybe Harold will reach out and grab me while I’m up there!”

View On Magazine had the pleasure of attending this once in a lifetime event. Thank you, Shirley, for letting us share your special day!


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