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By Helen Houston – Certified Staging & Redesign Professional

No, this article is not about Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian — it is about using curved shapes in your home that will make for an inviting and comfortable aesthetic which is both cozy and powerful.

Curves can soften a living zone, draw the eye to a certain feature or focal point, and visually lengthen an area. When used well, they can enhance the flow of a room and be used to define different spaces. They can also be useful for awkward or tricky spaces and can be a practical replacement for sharp corners if you have little ones running around the home.

But you do need to know how to use them. If used inappropriately, curves can take up a lot of wasted space. However, when used well, curves actually conserve space. The key is to know when to use a curve to maximum benefit.

  1. Introduce curves in a subtle way by adding round occasional tables, lamps, or an area rug with an organic shape. Curves soften a space and inspire effortless flow in a room that may otherwise feel constricted.
  2. The combination of curves and colors shows just what you can do with curves when thinking outside the proverbial box. Curved furniture pieces in bright colors work well as room features or statement pieces.
  3. Simple curved touches applied sparingly can have elegant and attention-grabbing results.
  4. Curved lines are a small gardens or courtyards best friend. When mixed with straight lines and assorted plantings, they can create an attractive and visually interesting outdoor hub.
  5. Curves work with curves. The curved sofa in a living room opens up both the space and the range of design possibilities. One of the best things I ever bought for my own home is my curved sofa. My favorite thing about it is that five people can sit on it at once and talk comfortably without having to lean forward to see past each other. Sometimes a good reason for a curved sofa is simply to soften a room that is otherwise filled with straight lines and angles. And then, sometimes a curved sofa simply creates a luscious and sensuous look.
  6. Curved sofas are so useful for defining an area — without necessarily making it feel divided. In a combined kitchen, dining, and family room, the curved sofa helps to break up the long narrow room and define the family room portion.
  7. If you use a curved sofa, you might need to curve another thing or two. It can be tough — make that nearly impossible — to find console tables or side tables that will conform to the curves of your sofa.

One of the classic rules of design is to repeat and reinforce shapes throughout your designs to create a harmonious look. You don’t need major investment pieces to reinforce curves in your space. Create a simple vignette, where you may choose three pieces that subtlety reinforce each other’s curves.

So what kind of curves do you have going on in your space? Do you need to add some reinforcing curves to balance too many hard, straight lines? Consider adding a few curves, a few circular pieces, and a little looseness to your space this year!



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