Why I Love Mesquite


My hubby and I left the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas behind and found Mesquite — so glad we did! It’s just a small slice of heaven. Mesquite has motorized bicycle riding, seven world class golf courses, and lots of cute little golf carts. There are abundant day trips for cars or off-road vehicles, so many hiking trails, hot air balloons, and hot rod car shows. It has slots and bingo for us gamblers, buffets everywhere, steakhouse dinners, and neighborhood get-togethers. We enjoy beautiful blue skies with giant powderpuff clouds, gorgeous sunny days, and star-filled nights. We even get free local newspapers. The beautifully done glossy View On Magazine is also free for the taking. It’s our kind of town, small but not too small, prosperous but not pretentious, laid-back but not too laid-back. It has everything we want and nothing we don’t. Life is good!

~ Sharon McCormick

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