Why I Love Mesquite

What’s not to love?! I wake up to a beautiful sunrise and end the day with a cocktail on the back patio, gazing at the wondrous mountains surrounding our little town. I am a true desert rat, so I love the summers as well as the so-called winters. Growing up in Wisconsin really makes me appreciate our winter weather. I have lived in seven states, and other than Hawaii, Mesquite, Nevada is the best — close to Las Vegas for entertainment, close to Utah for awesome parks. The outdoors of Mesquite can’t be beat. I can hike, bike, and swim anytime I like. We have a great City Recreation Center where I pursue my passion for teaching yoga. There are groups for every imaginable interest here in Mesquite. Concerts and festivals are happening all the time. Anyone who says there is nothing to do in Mesquite isn’t looking very hard. What’s not to love!

~ Ann Murphy

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