Why I Love Moapa Valley

Moapa Valley is the only home I have ever known. I was fortunate enough to be born in this town and I am dreading leaving it. Many places have a sense of unity and camaraderie in the community. They may support their local school or have neighborhood block parties. However, in Moapa Valley it is different. At football games, the stands are full. At car wash fundraisers, the lines stretch out of the parking lot. At parties, the gatherings are larger than the room can hold. The majority of this harmony stems from the local high school. Moapa Valley High School, home of the blue and gold Pirates, provides the inhabitants of Moapa Valley something to rally around. Those who are students at the high school, parents of those students, alumni, faculty, members of the Booster Club, and those who support the high school, all “bleed blue and gold.” The solidarity of Moapa Valley is an undeniable and irreplaceable quality that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. It is this love between the residents of Moapa Valley that makes this town such an incredible place to live, and such a difficult place to leave.

~ Macy Morgan


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