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As those of us know that live in southern Nevada and southern Utah year ‘round, it’s hot in the summer! Yes, it is a dry heat and, in my opinion, completely tolerable if not enjoyable. But, if you really want to get the most out of your summer having a pool is handy.  

I’ve lived in Southern Nevada for 20 years, and sometimes I’ve had a pool and sometimes not depending on where I live.  I can tell you from experience, it’s better with a pool. With that said, today I think I met the master of all pool design and a guy with a completely fun and intriguing tale of life in the pool business.

Cleveland, and His Wife, Allison, and dog, Chief.

In 1992, Cleveland Williams started his own independent pool design and construction business. But that’s not at all where he got his start. He has been in the pool business for practically his whole life.Cleveland was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia where his father got his start in pool construction. After working as an insurance salesman and pool salesman, Cleveland’s dad, Howard Williams, started his own pool business. As Howard built his new business, Cleveland and his mom helped out by bringing sandwiches and drinks for his dad’s crew. Later, after he was old enough to carry a shovel, Cleveland and his dad worked side-by-side in the business.

In 1985, Cleveland’s father decided he wanted to “play in the big fish tank,” and moved to the United States to start a pool design and construction company in Las Vegas. In 1987, Cleveland followed and worked in his father’s business while saving money to start his own.

“We have our falling outs and then we’re fine,” Cleveland told me with a grin as he spoke about being in business with his father, who was as much a perfectionist as he was Cleveland’s mentor. “One time, he made me rip all the rebar out of a pool we were building just because it wasn’t done like he wanted it done. I had done it like other pool builders in Las Vegas were doing it at the time, and that wasn’t good enough.”

In the years Howard was building his pool business, the National Swimming Pool Association awarded him with a gold medal for his design of the very first beach entry access. If you haven’t ever had a pool with a beach entry access, I highly recommend you check it out. Howard was also well known for his use of, and hired for his superior knowledge of Pebblecrete, which was a technology new to the pool scene at the time.

As a family, the Williams’ have built all kinds of pools in all kinds of locations, including Apple Valley, California where they were recruited from Las Vegas to design and build a lottery winner’s ultra-extravagant luxury pool. And, recently partnered back in New Zealand where they built a Sea Lion exhibit in the Auckland Zoo and renovated a beautiful resort pool in Waitangi that Howard had built twenty-six years ago. Which, by the way, was built so well the first time it didn’t need much in repair work at all.  

When asked what his favorite part of owning and operating a pool design and construction business is, he said, “It’s all about the people – the relationships I create. I enjoy that.”

Cleveland has, over the years, formed many great relationships as his business has grown from Las Vegas to Mesquite and St. George with little more than a website for advertising and referrals from customers, homeowners’ associations, and home builders.

Randy from Las Vegas had this to say after working with Cleveland, “I was never looking for the cheapest job. My primary concern was finding a contractor who could finish the job in a timely manner with a truly professional end product. I got all that I expected, and a reasonable price as well. The pool looks great and is remarkably easy to maintain. I would have no problem whatsoever recommending Polynesian Pools to anyone. [Their] complete service was a pleasure to be a part of.”  

With technology being what it is today, Cleveland takes the time to stay on top of the latest in pool tech, as well as the latest trends and designs. From beautiful designs that are simple and clean to fanciful designs with caves and slides and flames, from LED-lighted jets, to your very own island, no design is too complex for Cleveland Williams to create.

Cleveland’s Father, Howard Williams

With his wife Allison, who helps manage the business, his five sons, and youngest daughter, Cleveland Williams will continue to build on what his dad taught him to do — create lasting relationships, give the greatest customer service, and build superior pools.  

Not only has Polynesian Pools expanded to Mesquite and southern Utah, but it has expanded its scope of services, as well.  Now Polynesian Pools not only designs and builds custom swimming pools and spas, they install fiberglass swimming pools and spas, build outdoor barbecues, fire pits, patio covers, and much more. Cleveland and his craftsmen are highly skilled in both real and artificial rock water features as well.

Today, Cleveland Williams continues to follow the path his father forged and that he has shared in since he could wield his first shovel. He continues to “play in the big fish tank” of Las Vegas and beyond.

For more information on Polynesian Pools, please visit their website at www.polynesianswimmingpools.com or give them a call at their Las Vegas location, (702) 435-8912 or their St. George location, (435) 817-7777.


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